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The Program

Emblem of the House of Parma and Piacenza-StroehlItaly is celebrated for its cultural legacy which includes world renowned artists, writers and scientists, thus the Italian Program at CSUN aims to provide students with an outstanding Italian language acquisition and cultural competency experience.

The program offers students the opportunity to either minor in Italian or major in Languages and Cultures with an Option in Italian. The major is designed to provide advanced  "The Program" continues

Why Study Italian?

The study of a language affords students the opportunity: To communicate and write in Italian. According to the US Census Bureau, Italian is the fourth most spoken language in the United Sates.

  • To discover a culture at the roots of Western civilization. Today Italy holds the largest number of UNESCO cultural sites.
  • To appreciate a country with unparallel contributions in a host of fields: art, music, the sciences, economics, etc.
  • To become familiar with historical and social events that have propelled Italy to become one of the most advanced modern European nations.
  • To investigate career opportunities in a variety of social, economic, educational, and artistic fields. More than one thousand U.S. firms have offices in Italy, including IBM, GE, Motorola, & CitiBank.