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Frequently Asked Questions

HELP at your fingertips! (The ANSWERS to your Most Frequently Asked Questions)

Advising and Academic Questions

I want to major in Liberal Studies. What should I do?

To declare your major as Liberal Studies, you must first attend a Liberal Studies Information Session. The Liberal Studies Information Session is designed for future elementary or special education teachers.

After completing the Teacher Preparation workshop, your previous course work will be evaluated by a Liberal Studies Advisor and an evaluation will be mailed to you in 15 to 20  business days. Once you have received your evaluation, you may make an individual appointment with a Liberal Studies Advisor. At your appointment, the Advisor can help you file the necessary form to declare your major as Liberal Studies.

I want to map out my next few years at CSUN so that I may graduate by my target date. Where should I go for help?

These plans will serve as a guide in creating your "MAP" (My Academic Planner).

You may make an appointment with a Liberal Studies Advisor to discuss the MAP you have created. To make an appointment with a Liberal Studies Advisor, please call (818) 677-3300.

What is the grade forgiveness policy? Do I need to petition for it?

Effective Fall 2009, students may repeat up to 16 units of coursework for grade forgiveness. The better of the first two grades will be used to calculate the GPA and the lower grade will be "forgiven". However, both grades will appear on official transcripts. Students are allowed to repeat only if they have received a grade of C- or below in their first attempt and not permitted to enroll in the class until the semester begins. Students are not permitted to enroll in a class for a third or subsequent time without the written consent of the Associate Dean of the College of Humanities. After the 16.0 unit limit has been reached, a maximum of 12 units will be averaged into the GPA. Courses taken at other schools cannot be repeated at CSUN to improve the grade point average. Courses taken at CSUN cannot be repeated at other schools to improve the grade point average.

Do I need a C grade or better in Math 312?

Prerequisites:Completion of Math 210 and Math 310 with grades of "C" of better or instructor consent.

However, we recommend that students aim for A's and B's, and never ever give up!

What does it mean to be placed on academic probation or disqualification?

If a student's CSUN or overall GPA falls below a 2.0, he/she will be placed on academic probation. Students who do not make academic progress while on probation may be disqualified from the University. 

What is academic disqualification?

A disqualified student may not enroll in classes. Disqualification occurs when a student's GPA falls below a critical level that varies depending on the number of units the student has completed. A student on academic probation is subject to disqualification when his or her GPA in all units attempted or in all units attempted at the campus where enrolled falls below:

1.50 For Freshman (fewer than 30 units)
1.70 For Sophomores (30-59 units)
1.85 For Juniors (60-89 units)
1.95 For Seniors (90 or more units)

Students who are experiencing academic difficulties should make an appointment with a Liberal Studies Advisor immediately by calling (818) 677-3300.

I think I want to change my major from Liberal Studies to something else. Who should I contact?

If you know which new major you would like to pursue, please contact that department directly and speak with one of their advisors. If you need career counseling before declaring your new major, please contact the Career Center at (818) 677-2878 and meet with a counselor to help you make a decision using various career exploration techniques.

ITEP and Credentialing Questions

How and when should I apply for ITEP?

You need to apply to the Credential Program early in the semester before you plan to take ITEP courses. Please keep in mind that application deadlines are subject to change without prior notice. However, generally, the deadline to apply to the Credential Program for fall semester is July 1st. The deadline for spring admission is December 1st. For Credential Program application questions, please contact the Credential Office at (818) 677-2733 or visit their Credential Application Page.

I have questions about my ITEP student teaching requirements and assignment. Who do I contact?

For student teaching requirements, you should speak to a Credential Advisor by calling (818) 677-2733. For questions related to student teaching assignments, please contact the Department of Elementary Education at (818) 677-3183 or the Department of Special Education at (818) 677-2596.

I am in ITEP. How do I petition to earn post-baccalaureate units so that I may earn a higher salary once I begin working as a teacher?

You do not need to petition to receive post-BA credit for professional education (EED & SPED). Your transcripts will be notated with the post-baccalaureate units. 

Registration, Adds, Drops, and Incompletes

The class I want to enroll in is full. What are my options?

You can put yourself on the wait list for the course. You may also contact your professor for a permission number. Permission numbers are issued at the discretion of the professor.

I want to enroll in a class that has been restricted to one of the Liberal Studies special programs (ITEP-Junior, ITEP-Freshman). How can I get a permission number to enroll in the class?

Courses restricted to special programs are ONLY available to those students who have been admitted to those programs. Sometimes if the class is under enrolled at the start of Non-Restrictive Registration, seats are made available to other students.

I need to repeat a class but SOLAR won't let me enroll in it. What do I do?

You may ONLY enroll in a course you have taken previously through SOLAR by obtaining a permission number from the instructor and enrolling in the class once the semester begins. If you plan to repeat a course for a third time you must obtain approval from the Associate Dean of College of Humanities.

I want to add a class after the third week of the semester. How do I do that?

During the fourth week of the semester, you may try to add a class by obtaining signatures from your instructor and the Department Chair offering the course using the Change of Schedule Petition Form. The signed form must be filed with Admissions & Records. After the fourth week of the semester, adds are not permitted unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

I need to drop a class after the fourth week of the semester but I was told it was too late to drop. Is that true? What can I do about it?

Requests for a withdrawal are rarely approved after the fourth week of the semester unless the student can provide written documentation verifying an extraordinary event beyond his/her control has occurred which will make it impossible for the student to stay in the class. Physical or mental health issues, relocation out of the immediate area, and activation for military duty may be acceptable reasons for a late withdrawal. If you are not approved for a late withdrawal and stop attending, you will earn a "WU" which will lower your GPA like an "F". Assuming you have not repeated 16.0 units or more at CSUN, you may repeat the course and take advantage of the grade forgiveness policy. You should contact your Academic Advisor to discuss your specific situation.

I have earned an Incomplete in one of my classes. How do I go about completing this course and earning a grade?

Be sure to speak to your professor to get a clear idea of what you need to do to complete the course. You will have up to two semesters (excluding summers) to complete your remaining requirements. Professors may use their discretion to hold you to an earlier time line for completion of an incomplete. Please note: You should not re-enroll in a course if you have been given an Incomplete. Re-enrolling in the course will mean that you are repeating the course which will have an impact on the number of units you may repeat at CSUN in the future.

I need proof that I am a full time student. Where do I go?

The Office of Admissions & Records

Tutoring and Test Taking Questions

I am having difficulty in my Math 210 and 310 classes. Where can I go for help?

The Math Department offers Math 210/310 tutoring free of charge. Please contact the Math Lab at (818) 677-2721 or stop by the lab located in Live Oak 1319.

I need help writing my research or capstone paper. Where can I go for help?

The Learning Resource Center is now located in Oviatt Library 3rd Floor, East Wing and offers assistance with writing projects.

Please visit our Test Information page for additional information on test requirements for graduation and/or credentialing purposes.

Professor Issues

I am having a problem with my professor. What should I do?

You should make an appointment with your professor to discuss your concerns. After meeting with your professor, if the issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may make an appointment with the Department Chair for the class you are taking. If you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you may make an appointment with the Associate Dean of that College.

I think the grade I received in my class was unfair. Who do I need to contact?

Grade disputes should be discussed with your professor first. If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you should make an appointment with the Department Chair of the course. If you are still not happy with the outcome, you may make an appointment with the Associate Dean of that College.

Student Services Questions

I am having a difficult time coping because of my personal problems. Where can I go for help?

The University Counseling Services has very qualified and caring professionals who can help you through difficult times. Their services are completely confidential and free of charge. You can make an appointment by calling (818) 677-2366 or visit them in Bayramian Hall, room 520.

I study very hard but I am still having a difficult time learning new material in my classes. Where can I go for help?

You may be struggling academically because of a learning disability. Disability Resources and Educational Services offers confidential testing and counseling services to CSUN students. Once you are evaluated, if needed, they can provide you with special services to help you succeed at CSUN. You can reach them at (818) 677-2684 or by visiting them in Bayramian Hall, room 110.

I will be graduating soon and need help finding a job. Where should I go for help?

The Career Center offers workshops on job search strategies, resume writing and interviewing techniques. You can also find information on internship opportunities and job fairs. You can reach them at (818) 677-2878 or visit them in Univeristy Hall, room 105.

Financial Aid Questions

I am having financial difficulties. I may have to work more hours in order to pay my bills. Where can I go for help?

Increasing the number of hours you work may have a negative effect on your academic performance. You may want to contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office for financial assistance. You may be eligible for grants, forgivable loans, low interest student loans, or scholarships that will ease your financial difficulties. The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office is located in the Bayramian Hall main lobby. You can reach them at (818) 677-4085.

I just received a letter stating I will no longer be eligible for financial aid. Where do I go?

All questions regarding financial aid, including questions about Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), should be addressed to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

Leaving CSUN Temporarily

I need to take a semester off. Who should I contact?

Unless you have been academically disqualified from CSUN, you are not required to notify anyone to leave CSUN. You may leave for up to two consecutive semesters but must re-enroll after that time to continue your status at the university. If you do not return after being gone for the two consecutive semesters, you will be required to reapply to CSUN.

I want to study abroad. How does that work?

The first step is to contact the Study Abroad Advisor at the Office of Student Development and International Programs by calling (818) 677-2393. After consulting with the Study Abroad Advisor, you must bring to your Liberal Studies Advisor course descriptions for the courses you would like to complete abroad. All courses must be approved by a Liberal Studies Advisor prior to your departure.

I want to attend another CSU campus for a semester. What is the procedure I need to follow?

The Intra-system Visitor program allows continuing students temporary leave from CSUN to enroll for one term at another CSU campus. Temporary leave arrangements may be made with the CSUN Office of Admissions and Records within the application deadlines outlined by the host campus. Both registration at the other campus and return to CSUN will be arranged by the Office of Admissions and Records without further application by the student. Contact the Office of Admissions and Records, Bayramian Hall 150 or call (818) 677-3760 for more information and applications. All courses taken though the Intra-system Visitor Program must be approved by a Liberal Studies Advisor..

Graduation Questions

How do I apply for graduation

There is a 3-step process to apply for graduation for ALL Liberal Studies Options.

  1. Make an advisement appointment to apply for graduation at least ONE YEAR in advance of your anticipated date of graduation by calling: (818) 677-3300. In order to apply for graduation on-time, consult the current Schedule of Classes for specific application deadline dates.
  2. After making an advisement appointment, you must complete your "MAP" (My Academic Planner) and take a printed copy to your appointment. You will need your MAP to apply for graduation.
  3. At your appointment, an advisor will update your advisement form, review a preliminary graduation worksheet, and sign your completed Application for Bachelor's Degree and Diploma form. Students will submit their completed Application for Bachelor's Degree and Diploma form along with any necessary attachments, and the $47 application fee to Admissions and Records in the Bayramian Hall BEFORE the application deadline*. Consult the current Schedule of Classes for specific deadline dates.

*The Application for Bachelor's Degree and Diploma will be valid for 30 calendar days once it is signed and dated by a Liberal Studies Advisor.

What are the requirements for graduating with honors?

To receive honors at graduation, a student must:

  • Complete a minimum of 45 units of work in letter-graded courses at CSUN;
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or above;
  • Earn the following GPA in all undergraduate courses, including transfer work:
    • Summa Cum Laude: GPA of 3.90 or above
    • Magna Cum Laude: GPA of 3.75 to 3.89
    • Cum Laude: GPA of 3.50 to 3.74

For instructions on how to calculate your GPA, please visit refer to this Liberal Studies handout (.pdf).

I am graduating soon. Who do I contact to find out about commencement?

Students may contact the Office of Student Development and International Programs at (818) 677-2393 or visit the Commencement website. Please note: Liberal Studies majors participate in the College of Humanities Commencement Ceremony and wear a dark blue tassel.