START - STEM Transfer and Research Training

Badge Peer Mentorship for New Transfer Students

What Is A Peer Mentor?

Peer Mentors are students too! They know how it is like to be a CSUN student for the first time and how challenging and intimidating it can be to navigate a whole new campus. With their unique knowledge and experience, they will be there to support you and provide the resources and guidance as you explore all the opportunities as a new transfer student.

illustration of badge project peer mentor with student in park

Badge Project Peer Mentors

Our Badge Peer Mentors have participated over 60 hours of training this past summer, and they are very excited to work with you!

Our Peer Mentors play multiple important roles in the Badge Project, including:

  • Supporting STEM transfer students in their transition to CSUN
  • Mentoring new Badge students and connecting them with resources and people on campus
  • Running weekly Badge workshops
  • Co-facilitating Badge activities and events

If you would like to be assigned a Badge Peer Mentor, please complete the Badge Project Application AND indicate yes on the question “Would you like to be assigned a Badge Peer Mentor for 2023-2024 academic year?”.

Get to know our dedicated Peer Mentors and schedule a meeting with them today!