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HHD Advising: Promoting Achievement and Success

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  • Locate your Support! 
  • Reflect on your past success and triumphs.
  • Remember what/who has been a source of strength.
  • Think about what/who has helped you achieve your potential.
  • Consider which qualities within you, or which models around you, have helped the most.
  • Identify who/what are your best resources to rely on.

Identify Your Sources of Strengths, Your Wealth of Resources

  • High Hopes and a Belief in Your Abilities – You, your family, friends, community
  • Social Communication and Intellectual Skills in many different settings, different communities, different cultures, and different languages
  • Family, Community and Cultural Resources – You’re not alone, you have people that you can rely on, maintaining a positive connection to them
  • Supportive Peer, and Social Contacts/Networks – “Lifting as we climb,” sharing information, showing each other the ropes, helping those who come after you, getting help from those around you
  • Finding a Way through Institutions - Navigating bureaucratic snags/hindrances, learning the system for future success
  • Inner Resources, Social and Cultural Strategies for Success and Resilience – You’ve met, overcome and survived bigger challenges, turning a negative into a positive, the determination and ability to overcome and persevere, having confidence and self-reliance
  • Resistance against Low Expectations and Stereotypes – Aiming high, expecting/demanding respect, opposing inequity, refusing to give up, community and cultural legacies of resiliency, commitment to social change and social justice
  • Ability to Assess, Change and Adapt – Using new information, thinking on your feet, growing and developing new strategies, adjusting to different demands and settings
  • Sense of Purpose and Meaning – Values, ethics and beliefs, guiding principles, sense of justice and fairness (possibly spiritually or faith-based)
  • Pride in Yourself, your Background, your Culture, your Community - Having the capacity to overcome and rise above adversity, having roles models, being a role model
  • Strong Sense of Self and Who You Are in various settings and with different groups, balancing/managing different demands and interests (e.g., college, at home, with family, in your community, etc.)
  • History of Academic Success and Accomplishment – You have achieved much already, and will achieve more in the future
  • Vision of Yourself in the Future - Strong sense what is possible, of who you want to be, what you want to accomplish, where you want to go in life/in the world

Yasso and Rendón Community Cultural Wealth model

Updated October, 2017