College of HHD

  • image shows students walking toward camera. The names of HHD's nine academic departments are shown.
  • children listen as a book is read to them. Early literacy.
  • Apparel Design and Merchandising students create from the first drawings to the completed garments.
  • community recreation at the RTM aquatic center at castaic lake.
  • nursing students learn to take blood pressure readings.
  • dancers in midair
  • Happy HHD 2018 graduates at commencement smiling at the camera


GPA Calculator (opens excel file)

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Advising and mentorship go hand in hand with student success.  Let us help you develop action plans, resolve issues that are impeding your graduation and help you develop an academic plan that will work for you now and in your future.  Student success is at the heart of everything we do!

Student Services Center/EOP

Freshman/first year, transfer, international, continuing or Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students all start here. Health and Human Development (HHD) Student Services Center/EOP is the advising center for undergraduate student enrolled in, or interested in, the College of Health and Human Development.

Graduation Retention Specialists

Health and Human Development's Graduation Retention Specialists can help you stay on track to graduation and provide support navigating your way through your CSUN academic experience.

Tools for Student Success

Success doesn't happen overnight, but a little effort every day can bring you to the day that it seems to!  Get tools and support from your Graduation Retention Specialists here.


It can help a lot to have someone to check in with periodically, someone who cares about your academic success and you!

A mentor can help you navigate the road ahead (she or he may have already traveled the same path). Do you know where you're going? Learn more about mentorship and meet the HHD Faculty Mentors.