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The B.S. in Finance is “impacted” which means that students must have completed at least 60 units and have a transcript GPA of 2.6 or higher to be admitted to the major.

Students with less than 60 units are admitted as pre-Finance.  Once a student has 60 units and satisfies the GPA requirement they should immediately file a change of major form.  When declaring the major, the student will also need to declare an Option (Financial Analysis, Financial Planning, or Insurance).  Pre-majors do not need to declare an Option,

Read Timeline and Policies for more details.


FIN 303 Grade Requirement 

In order to take most Finance courses, a C or better in FIN 303 is required (a C- is not considered a C or better).  If a student has received a grade lower than a C in FIN 303, their transfer into the Finance major will not be approved.  However, students can repeat FIN 303 once.  Second repeats of FIN 303 for Finance majors or pre-majors are generally not approved.


Students with over 90 units

Students should have declared a major before they reach 90 units and requests to transfer into the finance major for students over 90 units are typically not approved.  There are two exceptions:

1) The student has not yet completed FIN 303. In this case, the student must file immediately after taking FIN 303.

2) The student is currently enrolled in a high-units major such as accounting or engineering and can graduate faster in finance than their current major. Business majors other than Accounting are not considered high-units majors.