Finance, Financial Planning, and Insurance



The B.S. in Finance and the B.S. in Business Administration, Option in Insurance and Financial Services are “impacted” which means that students must have completed at least 60 units and have a transcript GPA of 2.6 or higher to be admitted to the major.

Students with less than 60 units are admitted as pre-majors, either Pre-Finance or Pre-Insurance and Financial Services.  Once a student has 60 units and satisfies the GPA requirement they should immediately file a change of major form.

Read Timeline and Policies for more details.


FIN 303 Grade Requirement 

In order to take most Finance courses, a C or better in FIN 303 is required (a C- is not considered a C or better).  If a student has received a grade lower than a C in FIN 303, their transfer into the finance major will not be approved.  However, students can repeat FIN 303 once.  Second repeats of FIN 303 for Finance majors or pre-majors are generally not approved.


Students with over 90 units

Students should have declared a major before they reach 90 units and requests to transfer into the finance major for students over 90 units are typically not approved.  There are two exceptions:

1) The student has not yet completed FIN 303. In this case, the student must file immediately after taking FIN 303.

2) The student is currently enrolled in a high-units major such as accounting or engineering and can graduate faster in finance than their current major. Business majors other than Accounting are not considered high-units majors.