Volume 40:15

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1. Announcements Our amazing students and alumni have done it again, and we begin this issue of Thursday's Notes¬†with some happy news about where some of them are headed and…

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Volume 40:14

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1. Announcements Welcome back to one and all and here's hoping every one of you had fabulous spring breaks if you can even remember them now as we gear up…

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Volume 40:13

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1. Announcements It is with deep sadness that I again begin these Notes with the announcement of another loss to our extended family, this one more immediate and closer to…

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Volume 40:12

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1. Announcements We begin this issue of Thursday's Notes with the sad announcement that we have lost another of our warmly remembered¬†emeritus colleagues, Lary Hazelton Gibson, who passed away recently…

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Volume 40:11

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1. Announcements Let's begin this issue of TN with a hugely warm and most grateful welcome the newest member of our fabulous office staff, Wendy Say! We look forward to…

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Volume 40:10

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1. Announcements The 18th Annual CSUN Student Research and Creative Works Symposium was on Friday, February 14th, and CSUN's English students were well represented, with oral presentations from Yollotl Lopez,…

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Volume 40:9

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1. Announcements It's always nice to begin these Notes with a warm and enthusiastic welcome to new members of the Department, never mind the human race. And this one goes…

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Volume 40:8

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1. Announcements This issue of Thursday's Notes begins with a warm welcome back to all. But it also begins with the sad news that the past weeks have seen the…

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