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39th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference Has Concluded

Vision-Specific AT Solutions in Educational Contexts

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Monday, March 18, 2024 - 1:30 PM PDT  
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In this half day workshop, participants will develop a better understanding of how common assistive technology solutions for individuals who are blind and visually impaired are typically used by school-aged students to provide accessibility in assessment as well as instruction. Presenters will introduce recommendations for accessibility in assessments for this population through hands-on application of instruments, devices and tools structured and based on the Recommendations for Improving the Provision and Use of Braille for State Mandated Assessment by the Center for Accessible Educational Materials (AEM). Participants will be given the opportunity to see, use, and better understand various Assistive Technologies for these populations and the application of those accessibility tools to any assessment situation. Presenters will also share frequently identified challenges for students and educators, and how educators can work together to rethink accessibility and what it really means today for learners of all abilities.
Learning Objectives

Obtain a clear understanding of the assistive technology needs of blind and visually impaired students in the assessment arena.
Receive direct and hands-on experience of various assistive and accessibility technologies available for blind and low vision students.
Gain information as educators and/or administrators regarding decision-making and  choices of appropriate tools and materials in assessment for blind and low vision students.

Allen Huang
Dr. Huang is the Director of Accessible Instructional Materials and Outreach Services at the TN School for the Blind. He oversees the procurement and dissemination of accessible materials and books for students across TN through the TN Resource Center for the Visually Impaired, and he also coordinates outreach vision and mobility services provided to school districts across the state. Dr. Huang has previously worked as a TVI and CATIS (AT specialist) with both the TSB Outreach department and on campus at the TN School for the Blind. He is passionate about ensuring that students with visual impairments across the state are being served with the most appropriate tools and materials possible, as well as that TVI's are educated about the tools, processes, and services available to them so they can make the most well-informed decisions possible for their students.
Tracey Hall
Dr. Tracey Hall is a Senior Research Scientist and Instructional designer at CAST. She conducts research on instructional interventions in reading, writing, science, literacy in the content areas, and assessment with a focus on students in the margins. Her work includes the design and evaluation of instructional approaches and assessment tools. These experiences are applied to the development and implementation of UDL projects, collaborative partnerships, and professional presentations.  
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  • Allen Huang
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