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Friday, March 17, 2023

8:00 AM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
FED Talk: Accessibility with the Access Board and GSA Timothy Creagan
Katherine Eng
Andrew Nielsen
Platinum 6 (LIVESTREAM)

9:20 AM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
Disability Bias & New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence Christopher Land Platinum 2
Audio Describer As Cast Member: AD At Every Performance Joel Snyder Grand CD
Changing Daily Lives of Children and Adults Battling With Dyslexia Laëtitia Longuefosse Platinum 9-10 (BROADCAST STUDIO)
Accessibility Guidelines for Mobile App Development Nikita Varma Orange County 3-4
Experience Study - Make Your Digital Products Successful Seda Maurer Grand JK
Achieving Digital Bliss for Screen Reader Users Keith Bundy
Inka Taagehøj
Platinum 7-8
Equal Access to Phone Calls for Deaf/HH/DeafBlind by Nagish Bryan Ward
Tomer Aharoni
Elite 1-3
Finding Assistive Technology Solutions for College Students Mike Sauter Orange County 1-2
JAWS Scripting: The Ultimate Workplace Accommodation Ryan Jones
Ben Knolles
Platinum 6 (LIVESTREAM)
Introducing Tech First Policy Into a Tech First State Kelly Schuck Grand AB

10:20 AM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
What’s New on APH’s Road to Code Katrina Best
Heather Kennedy-MacKenzie
Grand AB
VR Training to Facilitate Blind Photography for Navigation Jonggi Hong
James Coughlan
Platinum 2
How to Create Your Very Own A11y Training Program Jaunita George
Regina Sanchez
Grand JK
The Results of the Future of Interface and Accessibility Workshop Gregg Vanderheiden
Timothy Creagan
Crystal Marte
Platinum 9-10 (BROADCAST STUDIO)
Navigating Challenging Conversations with Partners Jeff Zundel Orange County 3-4
Technology for Accelerating Growth in Reading and Writing Nanci Shepardson Orange County 1-2
Combining DIY and Purchased AT in the Workplace Julie Dutchess Grand CD
Accessibility in the Mobile Development Lifecycle Mark Steadman Platinum 6 (LIVESTREAM)
How AudioGames Can Inform Development of Accessible Websites Edgar Lozano Platinum 5 (VISPERO)
Assessing Digital Accessibility – A Strategic Approach Andrew Arch Platinum 7-8
Addressing the Workforce Shortage through Tech Kelly Schuck Elite 1-3

11:20 AM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
Utilizing Campus Resources to Reduce Outsourcing Costs Jennifer McDowell
Lisa Bibeau
Grand CD
Three Tools to Improve College Readiness for BVI Students Leslie Thatcher Grand AB
UDL Classroom Management: Achieving Optimal Sensory Arousal David Daniel
Martha Daniel
Platinum 2
Customizing Accessibility Service Delivery Gautam Rao Grand JK
Piloting User Testing for Digital Accessibility at McMaster Kate Brown
Jessica Blackwood
Akshay Aggarwal
Aditi Pathengay
Grand GH
Accessibility Guided Automation Testing Janine Tkach Platinum 7-8
Accessibility Trends by IBM Phill Jenkins
Michael Gower
Chieko Asakawa
Platinum 9-10 (BROADCAST STUDIO)
Exploring Novel Designs for ASL Surveys Rachel Boll
Tish Burke
Jeanne Reis
Orange County 3-4
A 4 Part Exercise to Understand Inclusivity in the Classroom Elizabeth Simister Orange County 1-2
Together Again: AT for Travel and Inclusive Events Teresa Goddard
Lisa Mathess
Lore Lee
Platinum 6 (LIVESTREAM)
Virtual Reality Systems for Soft Skill Development Miroslava Migovich
Abigale Plunk
Elite 1-3
Virtual Reality: Somewhere Between the Ditches Jonny James Platinum 5 (VISPERO)

1:20 PM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
Creating Outdoor Digital Maps Accessible to Blind Users Christopher Toth Grand AB
An AI Enabled Storefront Accessibility Annotation Platform Xuan Wang
Jiawei Liu
Zhigang Zhu
William Seiple
Platinum 2
Indoor Navigation 2023 Mike May Grand CD
How The Blind Life Came to be Known Sam Seavey Platinum 9-10 (BROADCAST STUDIO)
Creating an Accessibility Machine for 220 Million Users Nir Horesh Grand GH
Partners Across Campus Launch Accessibility Training Academy Alison Haynes Grand JK
Accessibility CoE - The Minimalist Approach Naveen Gandamalla Platinum 7-8
When Is Being Disruptive a Good Thing? Tyrone Mitchell
Rosalind Paradis
Orange County 3-4
Designing Section 508-Compliant eLearning Microlearnings Najia Sabir Orange County 1-2
Designing Engaging and Inclusive Learning Experiences Sarah Schaidt
Colleen Wood
Platinum 6 (LIVESTREAM)
Intro to the new Microsoft Adaptive Accessories Gabi Michel
Erin Muston-Firsch
Elite 1-3

2:20 PM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
Empathic Talk With the Visually Impaired in Design Thinking Hyung Nam Kim Platinum 2
User Testing for Digital Products Niki Ramesh Grand JK
Tailoring Accommodations to the Individual Nate Streeper Orange County 1-2
Community-Centered Accessibility & Disability Inclusion Rachael Bradley Montgomery
Brian Montgomery
Elite 1-3
Dev, Browser, or AT: Debugging Web Accessibility Issues Elizabeth Whitmer Orange County 3-4
Building a Comprehensive Digital Accessibility Program Kimberly Norris
Brian Fodrey
Grand AB
Accessibility as a Driver of Innovation in Hospitality Nicole Bergstrom
Zane McHattie
Steven Fontaine
Andrea Skeries
Platinum 6 (LIVESTREAM)
Big Picture: All Roads Lead Back to Workplace Accessibility Ben Congleton Platinum 7-8
Replacing an Accessible Website: Ensuring a Better New Site Kate Tipton
Alen Davoudian
Grand GH

3:20 PM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
Michigan AT Guidelines for Teachers of Students Blind and VI Ann McKay-Bacon Grand AB
Centralization: The Key to Scaling Video Accessibility Lily Bond Elite 1-3
An Approach to Real-Time, Client-Side Accessibility Audits Cezary Tomczyk Grand GH
Quantifying Accessibility Success at VMware Santina Croniser Platinum 7-8
Improving the Accessibility of Math for Middle Schoolers Geoff Freed
Elizabeth Barker
Orange County 1-2
How to Make the Hiring Process Inclusive Poonam Tathavadkar
Sarah Margolis-Greenbaum
Platinum 6 (LIVESTREAM)
Disability Staff Evaluation by Students Lesley Farmer
Alan Safer
Basanth Shankar
Orange County 3-4
Digital Accessibility in FinTech World Irfan Ali
Alexandra Beall
Grand CD
Accessibility Considerations for Security in Digital Banking Rosalie Chung Platinum 2
Pitfalls of Machine Generated PDFs Richard Steinberg Grand JK

4:20 PM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
Vision Rehabilitation Assistive Technology Interventions Bryan Wolynski Grand AB
Are Your Digital Ads Accessible? Michael Parker Platinum 6 (LIVESTREAM)
Save Our World With Accessibility & Progressive Enhancement Jennifer Strickland Orange County 3-4
How We Weave Accessibility Into Our Product Process Kevin Ho Grand JK
Reimagining Assistive Technology in the Classroom Rick Ferrie Orange County 1-2
Accommodating Hidden Disabilities with AT Lisa Mathess
Teresa Goddard
Elite 1-3
Remote Training Strategies for Employees with Disabilities Harris Rosensweig Grand CD
Smart Living: A True Tech-First Model of Service Delivery Brian Hart Platinum 2
Keyboard Accessibility: Promoting Accessibility at the Library of Congress Rachael Bradley Montgomery Platinum 7-8