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When Is Being Disruptive a Good Thing?

Date & Time
Friday, March 17, 2023 - 1:20 PM PST  
Orange County 3-4  
People find meaning when they make progress in what they’re working to achieve. But for many, meaning and progress can be lost in experiences that are not accessible. That’s why today’s most compelling brands build connections through strong product and service fundamentals that solve real customer needs, are constantly advancing, and are unquestionably accessible—establishing personal connections by telling stories that tap into a customer’s sense of identity and connecting them to something bigger. Join us in a discussion about which brands are disrupting the accessibility landscape, which disruptive trends will be shaping the future, and how brands should be delivering a more inclusive experience.

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  • Entertainment & Recreation
  • Finance & Banking
  • Media & Publishing
  • Marketing
  • Retail & Wholesale
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In this session, we’ll explore how brands are disrupting the accessibility landscape through strong product and service fundamentals, which disruptive trends will shape the future, and how brands should deliver a more inclusive experience.  
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  • Digital Accessibility
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Leadership & Strategy
  • Web
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  • Tyrone Mitchell
  • Rosalind Paradis

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