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Smarthome for the Independent Living of Senior Citizens

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Thursday, March 16, 2023 - 10:20 AM PST  
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Introduction: Smart homes utilizing ICT have recently attracted much attention. However, most studies focus only on the technological aspects and lack users' perspectives [Jung Woo et al. (2018), and B.K.Sovacool, et al.(2020)]. In Japan, people over 65 years old are about 30% of the population. Life support for senior citizens is urgent, and smart homes are expected as one way to support their independent living. In this study, the authors propose new models of smart homes for senior citizens based on the user survey. Survey: The authors have individually interviewed 39 senior citizens so far. The highest scoring feature was an automatic emergency notification, rated positively by 33 respondents. Telemedicine and home appliance hazard notifications followed. Respondents cited concerns about their future physical or mental changes. In contrast, features related to crime prevention scored lower, and they cited the community's security and the fact that those features are already installed in apartments. On the other hand, positive and negative responses were evenly split on health management systems and life monitoring sensors. Those who approve seek a more convenient life and peace of mind, and hostile voters tend to resist automation and monitoring. Presentation: The interview survey is ongoing. At CSUN2023, the authors will report the details, including the results, and propose smart home models to help the independent living of senior citizens.  
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Smart homes are expected to support the independent living of senior citizens. In this study, the authors interviewed 39 senior citizens. The authors will report the results and propose smart home models for the independent living of senior citizens.  
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Independent Living  
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  • Masato Hoshino
    Shibaura Institute of Technology
  • Hiroyuki Nakamura
    Shibaura Institute of Technology

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