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WCAG 3 Update

Date & Time
Wednesday, March 15, 2023 - 9:20 AM PST  
Grand JK  
The Accessibility Guidelines Working Group is working on the W3C Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 3, the next generation of these web accessibility standards. This presentation will: 1. Review the goals for WCAG 3, 2. Discuss the current status of the work, 3. Provide an opportunity for immediate feedback, and 4. Review ways to keep up to date and provide ongoing feedback.  
  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Government
  • Research & Development
Audience Level
Session Summary (Abstract)
Get the latest information on WCAG 3  
Primary Topic
Secondary Topics
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Law, Compliance, and Policy
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General Track  


  • Rachael Bradley Montgomery
    Library of Congress

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