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38th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference Has Concluded

A User Lead Evaluation of Non Visual Navigational Tech

Date & Time
Wednesday, March 15, 2023 - 9:20 AM PST  
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The venerable white cane and guide dog have long been established as a vital tools enabling blind and partially sighted people around the world to independently and safely navigate our environments. For the last two decades these core mobility skills have been augmented by specialist GPS solutions supporting outdoor navigation with dozens of apps and dedicated devices now available. However indoor navigation out of the range of GPS signals has remained stubbornly difficult problem to crack, until now. Over the last 12 months several public trials of emerging navigation solutions have been made available across the U.K.’s public transport system for blind and partially sighted people to experience and feedback. This evaluation aims to identify the key attributes needed for success to inform future development and public investment. In this paper the presenters will compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of each technology in order to offer a user light perspective on their suitability for everything use. As well as potential implications for public buildings, venue owners businesses and other stakeholders we will have case studies from users who provide a full and frank assessment of their experiences. The core technologies that will be considered and evaluated include AIRA, NaviLens, GoodMaps, WayMap and MyEyes. The presenters will consider the relevance and usefulness of each application across a range of practical everyday contexts.  
  • Higher Education
  • Disability Specific
  • Government
  • Entertainment & Recreation
  • Research & Development
Audience Level
Session Summary (Abstract)
How helpful are non visual assistive digital tools for people with vision loss? A user lead study considers the likely candidates and explores their helpfulness in a practical everyday context.  
Primary Topic
Blind/Low Vision  
Secondary Topics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
  • Blind/Low Vision
  • Design
  • Digital Accessibility
Session Type
General Track  


  • Robin Spinks
  • Dave Williams
  • Darren Paskell
    Thomas Pocklington Trust

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