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Teach Access: Bridging the Accessibility & Education Gap

Date & Time
Thursday, March 16, 2023 - 3:20 PM PST  
Orange County 1-2  
Teach Access is a non-profit organization collaborating with education, industry, and disability advocacy organizations to address the critical need to enhance students’ understanding of digital accessibility as they learn to design, develop, and build new technologies with the needs of people with disabilities in mind. During this presentation, Teach Access will share updates on existing programs and how they have evolved over the last few years, and also discuss new programs that are part of ongoing growth and scaling to reach 1 million students by 2030. Programs continue to evolve and expand and now include the Virtual Study Away program, Faculty Grants program, and Accessibility Skills Hiring Toolkit. New programs rolling out during Academic Year 2022-23 include the Student Career Development Series, Student Ambassador Program, Faculty Fellowship Program, and the Accessibility Curricular Materials Repository. Preliminary data from the updated Accessibility Skills Gap Survey launching in October 2022 will also be shared. Attendees will learn how they can get involved with Teach Access, either individually or by recruiting their organization/institution to join.

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  • Higher Education
  • K-12 Education
  • Employment & Human Resources
Audience Level
Session Summary (Abstract)
Teach Access unites industry, academia, and disability advocacy groups to introduce students to accessible design and development principles. Learn about our recent achievements, programs and future plans to ensure products are “born accessible”.  
Primary Topic
Secondary Topics
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Employment & Workplace
  • School-to-Work Transitioning
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General Track  


  • Leslie Johnson
    Teach Access
  • Kate Sonka
    Teach Access
  • Mindy Kolin
    Teach Access
  • Rolando Mendez
    Teach Access

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