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Can Note Taking Support Boost Student Success & Retention?

Date & Time
Thursday, March 16, 2023 - 2:20 PM PST  
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40% of undergraduate college students drop out each year - and the graduation rate for students with disabilities is 17.5% lower than the rate for all students. Given that 28% of students drop out due to academic disqualification, what can disability services do to help improve student success and boost retention? It’s incredibly important that students are given access to an independent note taking process. The act of taking notes is critical to the learning process and retention of knowledge. This is because it involves ‘encoding’ (which is the processing information as you put it in note form) and the ‘storage’ of information (where you categorise and store information when reviewing notes). In Fall 2021, we surveyed over 400 students to see how taking notes independently affecting their learning and grades. The results are undeniable: 90% of students saw their grades improve as they took notes independently. In this session we’ll share the results of our research into how independent note taking can help students with disabilities improve their grades.

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Session Summary (Abstract)
40% of undergrad college students drop out each year, and the graduation rate for students with disabilities is 17.5% lower than the rate for all students. 28% of students drop out due to academic disqualification: how can disability services help?  
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Cognitive & Learning Disabilities  
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  • Digital Accessibility
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  • Research
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  • Isabel McCombie

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