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Evolving an Organization by Including Users with Disability

Although every employee who works in the software industry should be aware of and adhere to web accessibility compliance, there is still the challenge of understanding exactly how a user with a disability uses assistive technology (AT). Technological advancements on one hand are increasing complexity on web interfaces, on other is also enabling persons with disability with various methods to deal with this complexity. Every user has their own way of using AT, and thus, the way they work does not always fit neatly into a set of standards. Therefore, it is essential to include usability as part of your accessibility assessment. This can be achieved by embedding users with disability within your product team. Integrating users with disability elevates discussions from simple code and requirements to understanding how users with disability interact with applications and content using their own AT. This educates and generates empathy for finding optimal solutions. The overall organization also benefits from having native assistive technologies engaging in all facets of the employee experiences by elevating the conversation to create an inclusive environment. This session will include how native users have various ways to use a specific AT and how their presence matures teams to understand the empathy factor. Also we’ll discuss how having diverse users within Pegasystems let us experience a shift in our product strategies, and culture.  
  • Disability Specific
  • Government
  • Research & Development
  • Employment & Human Resources
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Session Summary (Abstract)
Accessibility for a native assistive technology user goes beyond a compliance checklist. Including them in your product organization not only benefits your products but also your organization. This allows for gaining new perspectives and empathy.  
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Digital Accessibility  
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  • Employment & Workplace
  • Leadership & Strategy
  • Research
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General Track  


  • Jill Power
    Pegasystems Inc

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