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Creating a University Brand-Aligned and Accessible Website

Date & Time
Wednesday, March 15, 2023 - 11:20 AM PST  
Platinum 7-8  
Washington University in St. Louis wanted to provide its diverse community of students, staff, and faculty with web support in a decentralized environment. The challenge was to provide a university brand-aligned site to all eight schools that was not only accessible but could be maintained with limited support. A ‘self-service’ solution was selected using a WordPress multi-site installation. WordPress is a popular open-source CMS (content management system). In the WordPress world a theme is what determines a website’s look and style. A WordPress theme was created to ensure use of brand-aligned colors, fonts, and logos. Accessible features were developed and tested to include sufficient contrast, link styles, and other features which allow site owners to start with an ‘out of the box’ accessible web site. Accessibility features not implemented in the theme can be covered via instructional events and tutorial websites. Since inception, over 3,000 websites have been created. Any university member can create their own website, all that’s needs it a valid digital login id (WUSTL key).

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Higher Education
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Session Summary (Abstract)
Learn how Washington University in St. Louis uses a ‘self-service’ model multi-site WordPress installation to provide its students, staff, and faculty with a brand-aligned and fully accessible websites in a decentralized environment.  
Primary Topic
Digital Accessibility  
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  • Education
  • Web
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General Track  


  • William Emery
    Washington University in St. Louis

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