Center for Risk and Insurance

  • Kelly with students 2022

    Kelly Geoghegan - Insurance Professor for A Day (3/15/22)

  • Logo of CSUN Nazarian Center for Risk Management and Insurance
  • 2019 LA RIMS donated $10,000

    LA RIMS donated $10k to CSUN (12/5/19)

  • Lockton hosted CSUN Students 2019

    Lockton hosted CSUN Students (11/15/19)

  • Students attended LA RIMS Education Day 2019

    Matators attended LA RIMS Education Day (11/13/19)

  • CSUN students visited Farmers HQ 20191023

    CSUN Students visited Farmers HQ (10/23/19)

  • Matadors at CPCU Industry Day 2019

    Matadors at CPCU All-Industry Day (10/15/19)

  • seminar on risk and insurance careers

    Seminar on Risk/Insurance Careers (10/2/19)

  • Matadors in Boston - RIMS Conference

    Matadors in Boston - RIMS Conference (4/29/19)

  • John Barrett 19 at csun slideshow

    John Barrett inspired CSUN Students (4/18/19)


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Congratulations to the recipients of the following scholarships

Special note to recipients:  

  • Your scholarship award will be processed after the announcement and may take up to 6 weeks for disbursement. The scholarship award will be disbursed via the Financial Aid Office.
  • If you receive financial aid, you will receive this scholarship in the same way as you receive all other financial aid.
  • If you don’t, the financial aid office still processes your scholarship amount and sends you a check in the mail on the address listed on your CSUN portal.


Recipients of Fall 2021 CRMI Scholarships (a total of $6,500)

  • Christopher Anzo
  • Gamer Boodaghian
  • Austin Dulaney
  • Alek Ekmekciyan
  • Gabby Gabinete
  • Emily Kaplan
  • Alisa Panosyan
  • Alyssa Rhoades
  • Victoria Rogers
  • Michael Rosales
  • Cody Schut
  • Tiv Wonsiv


Scholarship Recipients of the RIMS Conference 2022 

  • upcoming 


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