Center for Risk and Insurance

  • Kelly with students 2022

    Kelly Geoghegan - Insurance Professor for A Day (3/15/22)

  • Logo of CSUN Nazarian Center for Risk Management and Insurance
  • 2019 LA RIMS donated $10,000

    LA RIMS donated $10k to CSUN (12/5/19)

  • Lockton hosted CSUN Students 2019

    Lockton hosted CSUN Students (11/15/19)

  • Students attended LA RIMS Education Day 2019

    Matators attended LA RIMS Education Day (11/13/19)

  • CSUN students visited Farmers HQ 20191023

    CSUN Students visited Farmers HQ (10/23/19)

  • Matadors at CPCU Industry Day 2019

    Matadors at CPCU All-Industry Day (10/15/19)

  • seminar on risk and insurance careers

    Seminar on Risk/Insurance Careers (10/2/19)

  • Matadors in Boston - RIMS Conference

    Matadors in Boston - RIMS Conference (4/29/19)

  • John Barrett 19 at csun slideshow

    John Barrett inspired CSUN Students (4/18/19)

Professional Development

Initiative of Professional Development:

  1. Select an approved designation at (Preferred designations include ARM, AINS, CPCU or AU).
  2. Email Dr. David Russell ( to seek approval for the designation to be pursued.
  3. CSUN will buy and then lend the books needed for the course of study, if not already on reserve at Oviatt Library.
  4. Register at the full-time student rate at
  5. When students receive evidence that they have passed an exam, they will submit that evidence to Dr. Russell for reimbursement.  Allow six weeks for reimbursement.

Note: Funding depends on demand and funds available.


  • Steven Youkhana passed CPCU 500 (September 2017; Farmers HR Intern).