Armenian Studies Program

Study/Teach in Armenia

Library of the Armenian Catholic Mekhitarist Order, Vienna, AustriaCSUN signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the American University of Armenia in 2015. The goal of this collaboration is to create opportunities for CSUN students, staff and faculty to travel to Yerevan, Armenia, for semesters and summer studies abroad immersed in the local culture and language. It is also the intent of this MOU to create opportunities for the flow of knowledge between the two institutions through other areas of collaboration.

In addition to the study abroad programs offered through the California State University system, the California State University, Northridge campus offers additional semester-long or year-long international exchange programs. These programs provide additional diverse study abroad opportunities for CSUN students to explore and consider. See the list of available countries and programs here. For program information, please contact Eleanor Wolgast at or Rebecca Spector at

Please note that courses taken through the campus-based exchange programs will be reflected on your transcript as transfer units. Please visit your academic department to pre-approve the courses that will be taken while abroad.