Armenian Studies Program

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Languages and Cultures Major/Armenian Option

Carzou painting

The Languages and Cultures major prepares students for an increasingly globalized and interdependent world that rewards knowledge of languages and cultural literacy. The major prepares students with proficiency in language skills and cultural competency that will enable them to expand career opportunities and enhance their personal lives in an international and intercultural environment. In addition to studies in a primary target language, students take courses in the comparative study of cultures and literatures to gain insight into the interrelation of language, culture, and human nature. The two required seminars in cultural theories and methodologies constitute the capstone experience for intercultural studies. Students also are encouraged to study abroad, take a secondary target language and select from a rich array of courses offered in other departments that deal with interactions among peoples, cultures and regions.

Minor in Armenian

The Minor in Armenian will provide students with an understanding and appreciation of the Armenian language, literature, and culture, as well as the contributions of Armenians to world civilization.