I'm a New Freshman

Please select from the following options to locate your advisement office:

  • Matador Advising Hub: Most first-year freshmen receive advising, support and enrollment assistance from the Matador Advising Hub. See below for exceptions. Be sure to regularly check your CSUN Gmail for important messages from the Hub, including a link to sign up for a freshman advisement and registration workshop.
  • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP): Incoming EOP freshmen are served by the Student Services Center/EOP Satellite housed in their respective academic college. Exploratory EOP students are served by the EOP Exploratory Advisement Coordinator.
  • Liberal Studies ITEP Freshman: ITEP students are served by the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and Liberal Studies. Students majoring in all other options of Liberal Studies are served by the Matador Advising Hub throughout their first year at CSUN.
  • Matador Achievement Center: Academic advisement for student athletes.