California State University, Northridge

Psychology 344/444
The Psychology of Creativity

Examination of the research on creativity and exploration of the creative process through classroom activities, group projects, and the use of technology. The course examines the application of creative processes to effective instruction. [from the 2004-2006 CSUN Catalog]

Original text for this course: Robert W. Weisberg. 1993. Creativity - Beyond the Myth of Genius. New York:W.H. Freeman and Company. 312pp.

Current text for this course: Jon Michael Fox and Ronni Lea Fox. 2006. Exploring the Nature of Creativity Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Pub. Co. 192pp.

What is creativity?

Views of various authors.

Creativity can be expressed in many ways, some of which are non-traditional.
These include very imaginative films like "The Last Knit" as well as Extreme Sheepherding with Lights,
a tribute to Post-Its, bouncy balls, a food court musical, and even an American Express commercial! We have found creative dance by Cico,
Capoeira from Brazil, insane street soccer, and parcours.
And there are sand drawings by Kseniya Simonova,
sand animation by Ferenc Cako, street art, chalk drawings by Julian Beever,
Etch A Sketch by George Vlosich, spray paint art by Janez Jevnikar,
the "Free Hugs Campaign" videos (Sydney) (Hollywood) (Devon),
shadow puppets by Raymond Crowe, and Paintjam by Dan Dunn.
And there are wonderfully creative music videos by Lily Allen,
The Janks, and Dancing Walrus - and even creative mixing!
Be sure to check out the Longest Way video and the crazy cube illusion. [And by the way Where the hell is Matt?]
And we all just LOVE The Musical Stairs!

But perhaps the most creative things that are happening today involve the Information Revolution!

Are you ready for Western Spaghetti and Pancakes for Your Face? How about street art ?

Students in Psychology of Creativity are eager to share their creativity with others,
including those with visual- and hearing-impairments.
In the spring of 2006, a group of students created a video that they would like for you to watch!

Definitions by students.

[Note from Dr. Hardy: "I am continuously amazed by the creativity of my students. You can visit their Home Pages by taking the above link and then clicking on the students' names.
These Home Pages reflect the individuality of the students who have created them and often show their sense of humor!"
And for visitors with visual- and hearing-impairments, the students provide descriptive Alt tags for their photos as well as the lyrics of songs that they include in their Home Pages.
But while we are familiar with scrolling and streaming lyrics, nothing prepared us for Daft Hands !]

Questions about creativity that we would like to have asked Picasso.
[Lists composed by the students.]

Interview with an Artist

Creativity on the Web.

Classic Web Sites.

Some Creative Home Pages from our students

Thania Delgado(spring 2010)
Ashley Semler(fall 2009)
Dylan Keenberg(fall 2009)
Chukuma Lardge(fall 2009)
Aisha Wedlaw(spring 2009)
Allie Mojarrad(spring 2009)
Brittany Quarterman(fall 2008)
Moreen Rubin(fall 2008)
Hector Barajas(spring 2008)
Stephanie Cronshaw(spring 2008)
Armine Voskerchian(spring 2008)
Gina Guillory(Fall 2007)
James Smith(Fall 2007)
Shareca Paulk(Fall 2007)
Michael Galeana(Fall 2007)
Jeffrey Bromley(Fall 2007)
David Goldman(Fall 2007)
Tanya Slater(Fall 2007)
Arlene Artinian(Spring 2007)
Igor Livshits(Spring 2007)
Magdalena Krehnacova(Spring 2007)
Maria Chan(Spring 2007)
Thuy Le(Spring 2007)
Katherine Hickok(Spring 2007)
Efrain Medrano(Fall 2006)
Jaramillo(Fall 2006)
Vivek Srinivasan(Fall 2006)
Orli Almog(Spring 2006)
Torna Li(Spring 2006)
Gabriel Stewart(Spring 2006)
Amber Alford(Spring 2006)
Kristian Macaranas(Fall 2005)
Juan Reveles(Fall 2005)
Shannon Hernandez(Fall 2005)
Maynor Gonzalez(Spring 2005)
Lacey Duncan(Spring 2005)
Maria Calle(Spring 2005)
Cynthia Gonzalez(Spring 2005)
Gerardo Ramirez(Fall 2004)
Camille Cadogan(Fall 2004)
Tara Jiles(Fall 2004)
Quinn Smith(Fall 2004)
Melissa Butler(Spring 2004)
Antonio Gonzalez(Spring 2004)
Mildred Ilagan(Spring 2004)
Abdul Sindi (Fall 2003)
Nilesh Patel (Fall 2003)

Student Projects in the Creative Domains

Spring 2010

Fall 2009

Spring 2009

Fall 2008

Spring 2008

Fall 2007

Spring 2007

Fall 2006

Spring 2006

Fall 2005

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Fall 2004

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Fall 2003

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Fall 1998

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DreamWeaver Help from Ashley Labios

Creating a Home Page at CSUN.

Web Publishing Instructions - Publishing to a Campus Account

Publishing Web Pages to a Campus Account using your uDrive

DreamWeaver Basics and Beyond

Creating Pages using Dreamweaver Templates

Additional Web Authoring Resources

Tutorial for DreamWeaver

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