California State University, Northridge

Definitions of Creativity

By students of Psychology 344/444

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream by night." Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)

spring 2010

Creativity is something that takes you away from all of the troubles in the world. It is another state of mind. Thania Delgado

Creativity means being able to come up with your own clever ideas. Dianna Aguilar

Creativity is or can be anything we want it to be. It is a way to express oneself. Maria Moreno

Creativity is something that allows people to show what they are capable of doing. For the most part, this ability is unique to almost every individual. Joanna Yanez

Some people have skills for creating or making an object. Having the talent or skills to be good at something that one loves is called creativity. Ma'Sha Smith

Creativity is anything that involves representing emotions or using learned skills to create a certain outcome. Anush Vardanyan

Creativity is the ability to come up with new and unique ideas. Cesar Aguilar

Creativity is the ability to create items that inspire and inform others, often in aesthetically pleasing ways. Aldo Sarellano

Creativity is thinking outside of society's norm. It is being able to express oneself in different varieties of arts - painting, poetry, sculpture, style, fashion, etc. Brenda Mezquita

Creativity is not common among people. It is the ability to do or create something that others find intriguing. Joana Lechuga

Creativity is thinking outside the box and bringing those thoughts to life in a visual or auditory way - or using taste, smell or texture. Jennifer Garcia

Creativity is expressing oneself in a form such as music, art or dance. Stacy Ramirez

Creativity is ideas that one has and uses them to do or "create" something. Yesenia Marin

Creativity is something unique, different and out of the ordinary patterns. Karla Matheu

Creativity is something that comes from within. Creativity cannot be taught. Anna Kasabyan

Creativity is a release of energy and emotion that expresses our inner most desires into some kind of tangible form. Yolanda De La Cruz

Creativity is anything that can be created. Enas Fam

Creativity is anything that is artistic, original and fun. Stephanie Ardakani

Creativity is any way that you can express yourself or an interest that you have. It is without boundaries. Nicole Concialdi

Creativity is complex thinking and imagination that are used to present or make something. Kourosh Shirazi

Creativity is using your abilities to make things that are your own or are unique. Kim Johnson

Creativity is engaging in activity that is not learned from a book. It is doing something that you enjoy and that you are the author of - such as an original song or work of art. Martina Berry

Creativity is being unique. Jeana Arter

Creativity is an individual's own perspective and feelings. Jessica Jennings

Creativity is anything that you experience and have a sense of emotional reaction or response to. Lewis Shreeve

Creativity is linked to passion. If you are passionate about something, you may be more able to think "out of the box" about it. Victoria Reuveni

Creativity is something unique, openminded and still wowing. Candis Welch

Creativity is the innate ability to synthesize ideas into something new. Or creativity may potentially involve a different take on something that someone has already done. Rebekah Cooper

fall 2009

Creativity is unique and everybody can create anything! Claudia Arias

Creativity is the ability to make something out of nothing and/or with what you are given. Carlos Hernandez

Creativity is the ability to think freely without placing any limilations or restrictions on oneself. Aimee Garciafuentes

Creativity is something you use to express yourself in a unique and special way. Your creativity defines you as a person. Nadine Linares

Creativity is making something out of nothing. Alexandre Belotto

Creativity is being able to come up with something unique. Chukuma Lardge

Creativity is expressing oneself in varies ways. Irish Domantay

Creativity is thinking outside the box - being yourself and making it work! Richard Nguyen

Creativity is a people's ability to express themselves with little to no inhibitions. Ashira Mayalall

Creativity anthing - a drawing or even an idea - that you come up with that catches anyone's attention. Evelyn Rivas

Creativity is something that you have that shows your individual uniqueness. Lilit Simonyan

Creativity is how people express themselves in any way - with colors, music, art, or anything else that expresses who they are, see, or feel. Sarah Valdes

Creativity is something a person beholds. It shines through in one's talents or skills - also through personality. Melissa Robinson

Creativity is one's ability to perceive reality differently. Roxanne Benoun

Creativity is the act of being able to make something out of imagination or from random ideas. Laura Herrera

Creativity is a form of expression or expressing oneself. Ashley Semler

Creavitiy is the way in which one expresses one's own character - leaving one feeling satisfied about oneself. Lacee Dilmore

Creativity is the ability to show the beauty of the world through one's individual expression. Danielle Mendoza

Creativity is the mind's ability to conceive that which does not yet exist. Tyler Bianchi

Creativity is going outside the line in order to express your inner emotions and thoughts. Francisca Armenta

Creativity happens when people use both mind and soul to discover their capabilities and find out who they really are. Bevan Young

Creativity is the process of creating a product or idea using pre-existing knowledge and skill in new ways. Dylan Keenberg

Creativity is expressing oneself through unique outlets and media. Taryn Jordan

There are so many things in life that can be described or defined as being creative - music, art, anything that one can create with one's mind and body. Alexia Callender

Creativity is used when you put your imagination into physical action. Evan Dolmatsky

Creativity is being original, unique, using talents, and expressing oneself. Jenise Gott

Creativity is a way to express oneself through different types of media. Brittany Brewer

Creativity is the ability to express what God put you here to do. Patti Harvey

spring 2009

Creativity is the ability to create and think outside the box.Tom Gay

Creativity is a vehicle that channels energy, enabling individuals to express how they feel in direct and indirect ways - visually, musically, etc. Matt Heininger

It is the process of creating artwork or ideas that engage others and bring out one's inner thoughts and imagination. Iris Leon

Creativity is being able to express yourself in any way that you choose. Deyssy Radzienda

Creativity is a feeling from inside oneself - an expression from within. Natasha Taylor

Creativity is an expression one's inner self. Creativity cannot be taught, but it can be enhanced. Nor can creativity be destroyed, but it can be diminished. Robert Vasquez

Creativity is originality - the ability to express oneself. Aisha Wedlaw

Creativity is the ability to use your abilities in outstanding ways by doing something that you are passionate about. Isabel Chudicek

Creativity is the ability to transform anything into something interesting and visually appealing. Opal Brown

Creativity is thinking outside the box and being able to make the impossible possible. (Or at least think of a way to make the impossible possible!) Allie Mojarradi

Creativity is each person's original sense of artistic expression. Carly Goebel

Creativity is an inner source of inspiration, desire or drive to create. It is the urge to express oneself. Jennifer Korsen

Creativity is one's ability to express oneself. Shani Mayer

Creativity is an individual's unique experiences expressed. Kelsie Bennett

Creativity is using any medium in which to express yourself. Ashlee Veilleux

Creativity is a person's passion that comes to life with his/her inspirations. Creativity helps define that person. Ashley Besse

Creativity is the ability to find many uses for objects or ideas. Adriana Contreras

Creativity is about being unique and doing things that not everyone thinks about - or cares to think about! Shena Fatemi

Creativity is a process of combining old ideas in order to create new ones. Tristan Schaefer

Creativity is an expression of who you are and how you feel. Sammonnia Ware

Creativity is being able to think outside the box and being able to use your imagination. Airis Evans

Creativity is finding new ways to express ideas and execute plans. Reshan Sabaratnam

Creativity is the expression of one's inner thoughts and emotions. It involves the ability to be open-minded and feel empowered. Katiebrice Bolstad

Creativity has to be somehing out of the blue. Dmitriy Ostrovskiy

Creativity is everything: from the way we think, the way we say things, what we feel. Sometimes these thoughts, words or feelings end up creating something people can see or experience. Renata Santiago

Creativity is ... Louis Gale

Creativity happens when someone can take anything and make a unique design that reflects what they think of beauty. Erica Agamalian

Creativity is the process of discovering novel ways to solve problems, invent entertainment and express ideas and emotions. Mariah Roberts

Creativity is the way one expresses oneself. Anna Zadoorian

Creativity is being able to search within yourself and being able to bring out yourself in tangible things. Paula Zouen

fall 2008

Creativity is the expression of the individual's characteristics of personality and imagination via art, writing, and other means. Carmen Camberos

Creativity is the ability of a person to create, perform, or think of something in a way that has not been done before. Thomas St.Clair

Creativity is something within that involves thinking in depth with different and analytical ideas. Ashley Labios

Creativity is the process of making an idea your own by modifying something that already exists or combining ideas together to make something satisfying. Erin McMichael

Creativity is a way for people to express themselves in forms based on their preferred techniques, styles and potentials. It can be expressed in many ways, including poetry, music, art, and many more. Peter Ton

Creativity is something that moves, touches and/or inspires someone. It is a gift that some people have more than do others - something out of the ordinary. Jennifer Peacock

Creativity is an expression of an individual's imagination. Mona Mizrahi

Creativity is different every time. It is blood rushing to your brain exciting you to be different. Hovsep Margarian

Creativity is developing ideas and making them into reality. Melissa Castro

Creativity is an expression of thought, opinion or emotion. Jennifer Higgins

Creativity is the ability to develop and express ourselves and our ideas in new ways. Michael Blythe

Creativity is going beyond the usual - stepping outside of the box. It can be defined in many ways, such as how a person explores ideas or uses different ways to solve issues - and how one experiences life. Children can be especially creative in the ways that they see life. They even have imaginary lives! Oneida Figueroa

Creativity involves different ideas that you can come up with and maybe even different ideas from others. It can be a way of showing emotions and feelings without using words. Lucy Melgoza

Creativity is being able to express what is in your mind in any way that you wish. Eboni Redick

Creativity is "thinking outside the box." Leo Mendoza

Creativity is the ability to create or invent something original and unique that has the potential to be appreciated by others. Moreen Rubin

Creativity is doing things differently and originally. Jessica Fancett

Creativity is using your imagination to explore a subject with a different view. To be creative, you need to "think ouside the box" as well as be open minded. Liana Sarkisyan

Creativity is using yourself, others, tools or anything else to express yourself. Brittany Quarterman

Creativity is something that comes from inside - something unique or something that tweaks what we view as being normal. Creativity is passion. Myeisha Green

Creativity is pushing oneself to use different media to express ones ideas and ones inner self. Ann Blanchard

Creativity is making up ideas to solve problems in different ways. Or it can just be making up things just to make them up! Steven Straley

Creativity is the ability to come up with ideas - both general and unique. Or it can be the ability to express yourself through any medium that you choose, such as poetry, art, music, etc. Brian Garhan

spring 2008

Creativity is going the distance in using your mind, body and spirit in bringing something fresh and new to the table. Felicia Serrano

Creativity is that unique piece of people that enables them to see the world in such a way that they can make it their own. Marjorie Gutierrez

Creativity is just being able to express yourself. Stephanie Singer

Creativity doesn't have a definition per se. Once you try to define it, it loses it splendor. Creativity is anything that can be created, even if it is structured, logical, etc. Art it art if you think it is. Dania Bennett

Creativity is subjective. A word can be creative, an idea, a drawing. Anything. Sean Lampton

Although creativity is innate, it needs an outlet and a force that will allow it to bloom. Natalie Trizzino

Creativity is something unique that you do that not too many other people do. Joel Virgen

Creativity is the product of our imagination. Jason Dessasau

Creativity is finding new ways of seeing things differently. Paula Herrera

Creativity is what humans have that makes us special and unique. Samantha Rea

Creativity is the ability too create or express something using any outlet possible and to be able to relate a common feeling. Melissa Hem

Creativity is one's ability to be unique. Brian Parks

Creativity is spelled C.R.E.A.T.I.V.I.T.Y. What you do with those letters should define creativity. Hovsep Margarian

Creativity is the ability to express oneself freely. Carla Carreno

Creativity is the product of people's first impulses when asked to share a part of themselves. Megan Kirchert

Creativity is thinking outside of the box! Alejandra Maravilla

Creativity is something about a person or something that a person does that may not always be noticable from the outside. Taney Sandjian

Creativity is the ability to perform something that is not ordinary. Edgar Aldaba

Creativity could mean different things and there is a wide range of areas in which a person could be creative. For example, creativity can be developed with a piece of paper or a rock or a stick. It just depends on the person and how they put it to work. Vanessa Herrera

Creativity is producing something that is original and comes from an individual. It can be influenced by one's experiences and environment. Joanna Guerrero

Creativity is coming up with original, bright and exciting ideas. Hector Barajas

Creativity is something that brings out a side of an individual they might not have known that they had. Christina Dadyan

Creativity is a way of expressing oneself through media such as paint, clay, wood, writing, film, and drawing. Stephanie Cronshaw

Creativity is anything that comes to mind. Chris Decipeda

Creativity is whatever one thinks it is. Having the ability to create something. Chelsea Brady

Creativity is something that is out of the norm. Maria Lemus

Creativity is the process of making something that is new, unique and passionate. Kim Gray

Creativity is being able to come up with something new or unexpected. Putting a twist to what is ordinary. Armine Voskerchian

fall 2007

Creativity is the product of your imagination running wild! Jennifer Arroyo

Creativity is tapping into the intuition of the universe. Melissa Cordero

Creativity is breath. Jack Chase

Creativity is being able to come up with unique ideas. Elise Rosas

Creativity is the process of using your knowledge and imagination to produce something never done before. Nicole Brooks

Creativity is the ability to make something from nothing - a proces or method of manufacturing something new. Jeffrey Bromley

Creativity is the fundamental development of a project or idea unaware of the final product or conclusion. Justin Butler

Creativity is being different from the "norm" or at least what people consider normal. It is not necessarily more difficult, but rather it is just looking deeper into yourself and doing something that is just "you." David Goldman

Creativity is some kind of trait or quality or passion that a person can have. It is unique to that person. Tanya Slater

Creativity is the ability to materialize one's imagination into the world as we know it. James Smith

Creativity is the process by which you can create, change or modify anything that interests you. Mario Fuentes

Creativity is self expression. It satisfies our need for brain stimulation. It is an expression of culture and a reflection of issues of the moment. Ariel Steinberg

Creativity is thinking outside the box - in whatever field or project you are in. Jessie Douglass-Smith

Creativity is doing something unique or original. James Ogiwara

Creativity is the art of exploring one's mind. Gina Guillory

Creativity is finding fun and new ways of doing things. Shareca Paulk

Creativity is the cognitive and artistic capabilities of a human being. Rez Vessal

Creativity is the human way of doing things artistically or coming up with brillant ideas on how to market or advertise everything and anything. This could be done through art, clothes, speech, etc. Kimberly Sanders

Creativity is a mental "play time." Wilma Figueroa

Creativity is the ability to come up with new, fresh, and interesting ideas. Jacquelyn Cardenas

Creativity is the action that expresses activities/ideas in a unique way. Jenilee Carbajal

Creativity is something that lets you think of something from the top of your head. Michael Galeana

Creativity is the ability to express oneself in many different forms. Stefon Jones

Creativity involves expressing oneself. Creating can be done with words, paint, cloth, etc. It is often symbolic and sometimes beautiful. Creativity involves an emotional response from the viewer. Joanna Norstedt

Creativity is opening up your mind to new things by experimenting with them. Emma Salazar

spring 2007

Creativity is the unique expression of each individual. Laura Leon

Creativity is expressing inspiration in a tangible form. Werner Rausch

Creativity is anything that stimulates people to look beyond what is laid out in front of them. Seeing the puzzle for the pieces and not the finished product. Challenging the norm. Megan Stallard

Creativity is a way of being different, unique. It is imagination toward things a person is interested in. Arlene Artinian

Creativity is an individual's drive toward creation - whatever it may be. Igor Livshits

Creativity is doing things (or thinking) in new ways and being able to create new and unusual concepts. Magdalena Krehnacova

Creativity is opening all of the senses and releasing the energy inside; viewing and presenting things from a different perspective; stepping outside of oneself. Heidi Vandenberg

Creativity is uniqueness. It is art. It is a way to express anything and make it last. Maria Chan

Creativity can be thinking outside the box. It is a way for people to express themselves. It is self expression through art. Elissa Rosner

There is no single definition for creativity. Sometimes each definition may be unique to each individual. For me, creativity is being able to use my imagination. Laura Prieto

Creativity is the expression of thoughts, feelings, imagination, desires, goals, fantasies, explanations. Sheila Raphaely

Creativity is the use of one's own mind and body that in turn either displays vibrant artwork, music, or some form of handmade work with the person's special touch. Elise Schuetz

Creativity is a skill or talent that is able to convey an emotional message. Allison La Sota

Creativity is involved in making something with vivid ideas and thoughts. Creativity makes it happen. Storm Smith

Creativity is self-expression through art, sports, clothing, etc. Tiffany Hughes

Creativity is something within you that you want to express strongly. It can take many forms, but it cannot be wrong. Thuy Le

Creativity is something only you can express. It is individual. We all express ourselves in our own unique ways - thoughts, feelings and emotions in any medium. Robert Macik

Creativity is expressing oneself through various media. Katherine Hickok

Creativity is using imagination and going far beyond your usual way of thinking. Sona Oganian

Creativity is the ability to make something new. I don't play a musical instrument or paint, but I work as a salesperson, so I come up with creative ways to sell more stuff. Branden Villalobos

Creativity is expressing oneself in interesting ways. Jumshud Zulfugarli

Creativity is free expression of yourself through a lot of different methods. Violeta Yebeyan

Creativity is abstract thought and action. David Citizen

Creativity is being able to make something out of the ordinary, different and pleasing. Vera Fillad

fall 2006

Creativity is the ability to express yourself and your ideas in a unique way. Eboni Prescott

Creativity is a collage of experience on one's senses, most often not unique. Josh Hammer

Creativity is being able to come up with something that everyone wishes they had thought of first! Yelena Ginko

Creativity is imagination and spirituality expressed. Helen Sohn

Creativity is the mind's freedom to think in its own way. Agnes Padi

Creativity involves new ideas on how to present or understand materials or experiences. I think creativity also involves much imagination. Jaramillo

Creativity is knowing how to express your inner self and putting it out there - showing who you are! Alba Corral

Creativity is the act or process of being creative or creating something. Lisette Arriola-Gardea

Creativity is the ability to portray one's feeling verbally or visually in ways other than the mundane. Sylvia Abdelmeseeh

Creativity is the ability to use your own ideas and experiences to make something new or modify an existing idea. Anush Petrosyan

Creativity is derived from a person's individual experiences, talents, passions, etc. Gloria Coronado

Creativity is the ability to take simple things - ordinary things - and make them something else. Elizabeth Young

When I think of creativity, I think of art that expresses inner talent and imagination. Afnan Ameer

Creativity is the ability come up with and present ideas, literature, or visual images on a more than basic level. Vivek Srinivasan

Creativity is the ability to express oneself in unconventional and awe inspiring ways. Connie Shannon

There is no right or wrong when it comes to creativity. All of us have unique ways of expressing ourselves that can be very creative. Samira Ghatan

Creativity comes from the mind. It is something embedded in everyone and just shows up in different ways. Vanessa Geestman

Creativity means being yourself and showing what you have to offer to others - being unique or different to others. Barbara Zuniga

Creativity is the chi and soul to one's will - with no control and no boundaries. Ludmilla Samson

Creativity is the power to become emancipated by that which cannot be spoken with words. Dianne Bautista

Creativity is anything that you can build and innovate for the purpose of reorgainzing anything that comes to mind. Efrain Medrano

Creativity is a unique imagination or emotion that is expressed - ideas expressed. Angelina Pina

Creativity is the ability to express yourself. Janette Munoz

Creativity is the act of expressing one's feelings, thoughts, and ideas. All in all, creativity reveals a part of one's soul. Georgette Mastikian

Creativity is taking something and making it unique by putting your own spin on it. Raquel Diaz

Creativity is being able to come up with new and interesting ways of doing ordinary tasks - and perhaps extraordinary tasks. Shirley Semel

spring 2006

Creativity is expression of your inner self. Anna Neale

Creativity requires that you "ignore the norm" and do what your heart wants you to do - and do what drives your spirit, not your mind. Crystal Overstreet

Creativity is a unique expression of someone's personality. Adriana Hermosillo

Creativity is looking at the world in a different way than everyone else does and applying it to something tangible. Amber Alford

Creativity is putting your own twist on things. Jerell Williams

Creativity is something that is different and unique. Talin Golestanian

Creativity is something that you personally feel is different, unique and cool. Jesse Abdelsayed

Creativity is something you make yourself do. It's like making a fun structure - and it can be about anything. Karen Kambourian

Creativity is an expression of yourself and those around you. Tiffany Kolstad

Creativity is being able to make something unique to you based on your own ideas. Gabriel Stewart

Creativity is anything that is considered unconventional. It requires being passionate about what you are creating. Leslie Marino

My creativity is expressed by making something original that represents the essence of me. Torna Li

Creativity is ideas or thoughts that come to you without thinking or trying hard to come up with something. Or it is putting your own personality into something that is given to you. Sophia Mikhael

Creativity is the ability to use resources available to you - with your unique thoughts and perceptions. Doing or making something interesting. Victoria Dekovich

Creativity is an ability to make something unique. Christopher Weinstein

Creativity is being artistic and being different.
Jessica Torres

Creativity is allowing your mind to explore beyond what you know. Robert Francis

Creativity is the process by which new ideas are conceived that improve our lives and existence as a whole. Frank Flores

Creativity is the ability to be original and think "out of the box." Orli Almog

Creativity is the ability to make up an idea or thing using one's own experiences. Natascha Crouch

Creativity is found in whatever outlet that people choose to express who they are. They do this in a way that is original and individual to them. Xanthyne Calhoun

Creativity is making something original that you enjoy doing. Kristina Carruth

Creativity is expressed when people do something they like to do just for the fun of engaging in a certain activity. Maria Rodriguez

fall 2005

Creativity is the ability to express oneself in a special way. Kristian Macaranas

Creativity is a unique outlet though which one expresses one's soul. Ruby Castillo

Creativity is portrayed by individuals in their own way - using their own styles and original ideas. Claudia Gonzalez

Creativity is the ability to materialize imaginative ideas into reality. Melody Vasseghi

Creativity is the ability to create different and interesting things. These things can be anything - art, conversations, relationships, toys, buildings/structures, stories, etc. Francisco Fresquez

Creativity is being able to express yourself in different ways. Samane Pakohi

Creativity is conveying emotions, ideas and beliefs in new ways that are meaningful and do not rely on conventional elements. Jaime Hamilton

Creativity involves taking what exists and making something that is more than the sum of its parts. Juan Reveles

Creativity is doing things that are not expected. Having original ideas that make others believe in those ideas. Portia Woodard

Creativity is the ability to create an original piece of work - whether it is artistic or serves a specific purpose. Creativity is a talent, and patience is needed to develop it. Luis Juarez

Creativity is the ability to consider familiar subjects in a new perspective. The desire to create, the ability to express thoughts, feelings and experiences in an interesting manner. Holly Wilson

Creativity is the ability to see outside the box. Jill Hutchinson

Creativity is a combination of knowledge and an unrestrained imagination. Bella Tolmatsky

Creativity is being unique in how one expresses oneself. Melissa Nayar

Creativity is making something that is your own. It is a very important aspect of life and makes a person more independent. Celinda Calderon

Creativity is allowing your imagination to be free. Natalie Ebrahim

Creativity is being able to express the talents you have within yourself. Farnaz Mizrahi

Creativity is how you personally view the world and how you express your views to other people. Shannon Hernandez

Creativity is the will and ability to overcome difficulties and create a positive life. Helen Shirazi

Creativity is the ability to create something extraordinary out of the ordinary. Kenneth Roz

Creativity is anything someone thinks feels, does, or says that imparts some feeling of joy, beauty and hope within oneself and/or others. Ginger Attaway

Creativity is coming up with new and different ways to do things. Each person has a unique way of doing things. Katie Wolfe

Creativity is abstract, out of the box, uncommon, innovation, improvisation, etc. Bathsheba Dorsey

Creativity is your personality. It is putting yourself and your own touch into everything that you do. Creativity in uniqueness. Jaclyn Victoria

spring 2005

Creativity is anything that allows a person to demonstrate how they feel about something or who they are. Gina De La Meza

Creativity is a style. It can be thinking one's own ideas - or why a person feels something the way that they do. Donna Moore

Creativity is something that is unique or different from what others have done - taking something mundane and making it interesting. Barbara Roth

Creativity is life. It is what you can make of life that defines you and your creativity. Everything around you has a potential for creative change. Elizabeth Lopez

Creativity is something that is unique - your ideas. Farzad Hatanian

Creativity is personal expression and the ability to break conventional rules and norms while still being true to yourself. Cynthia Gonzalez

Creativity is putting your thoughts and ideas into a form that someone else can appreciate. Rachel Yazujian

Creativity is the construction of an idea that is original in its nature. Daniel Gonzalez

My creativity is expressed when I take something that I have sculpted as one thing and making it look like something else. Crystle Ross

Creativity is anything that is different. It is how one perceives, acts and presents. Anthony Gussner

Creativity is the journey on which you break away from sterotypical roles that society places you in. Pamela Weisshar

Creativity is the way people express themselves. Ninette Ruiz

Creativity is expressing your true feelings and being able to enjoy the result. Tyrone Cain

Creativity is the process of imagining something and finding a way to bring it to life. Anita Yombo

My own creativity is perhaps expressed by creation of alternatives for survival. Maria Calle

Creativity is defining your individuality. Alejandra Mendoza

Creativity is the ability to make things yourself - or put your mark on something someone else has created. Liz Lyons

Creativity is the ability to make something wonderful out of almost nothing. Patricia Hur

Creativity is made up of the ideas and works that define your conscious and subconcious self. Louis Lozano

Creativity is whatever allows an individual to get lost in it. Tara Coleman

Creativity is a random thought or an accident in your head. Bruce Molock

Creativity is anything that captivates you. Vanessa Staine

Creativity is stepping into the unknown because you have to. Maureen Sklar

Creativity is the psychological force that keeps the world from going dull! Matt Sizemore

Creativity is the ability to express and explore hidden or new ideas - an original idea. Daniel Lawrence

Creativity is thinking outside of the box to create something that is meaningful and special. Syreeta Butler

Creativity is an expression of oneself in as many ways as possible. Aliya Mandel

I express my creativity when I write poetry and keep a journal - and I am starting to learn how to play piano. Janise Randall

I wouldn't define creativity. I believe that creativity is subjective. It closely links with one's ideas of beauty, individuality and emotionality. Lacey Duncan

Creativity is the process of bringing out knowledge from obscurity, order from disorder, and significance out of that which is insignificant. Maynor Gonzalez

fall 2004

Creativity is anything created by individuals that has been inspired by their unique perceptions and experiences. Jessica Ramuno

Creativity is thinking outside the box and expressing oneself. Camille Cadogan

Creativity is the way your mind sees a solution to a problem and/or how it creates images and ideas. Brian Chan

Creativity is an expanded or broad utilization of a given technique - the ability to generate something new and to use it in an insightful manner. Quinn Smith

Creativity is the ability to be unique - to generate something that is unique. Nick Stauth

Creativity is the way a person can express his or her thoughts or knowledge. Sheri Zarabi

Creativity is the ability to make something out of nothing.Holly Goracke

Creativity is the ability to explore new and better ways to redesign the world. Armando Hernandez

Creativity is your ability - on your own - to make something wonderful out of nothing. Tia Pedretti

Creativity is a unique style that one possesses.Michelle Saenz

Creativity is any outward display of expression. Jessica Goldberg

Creativity is something - whether it be abstract or an idea - that creates something new or different that has not been seen in such a manner before. Cristina Herrera

Creativity is the expression of ideas, thoughts, etc., via emotions, knowledge, and other environmental factors in the form of artwork, writing, or any other unorthodox way of thinking. Daniel Le

Creativity is uniqueness - something that is eye-catching. Samira Javaherifar

Creativity is using other resources such as art and visual presentation - as well as collaborating with other people. Marie Ohannessian

Creativity is feeling free to be oneself, to be artistic and to be expressive in your thoughts and feelings. Elizabeth Petrisca

Creativity is the process of inventing new and unique ideas in any field.Alba Correa

Creativity is a novel expression or idea - an extension of one's individuality. Irene Khoudian

Creativity is the ability to see common things in different ways from what they were meant to be seen. Cecilia Maciel

Creativity is a style, trend, or form of expression which stands out from the norm. Tiffany Sams

Creativity is the individual perception that one conveys in the form of art, expression, speech, body language and much more. Tara Jiles

Creativity is the ability to make something out of other things that have no relationship to the outcome - to create something out of nothing...and make it work. Autumn Quiring

Creativity is the process of bringing something into reality from your imagination. Gerardo Ramirez

spring 2004

Creativity is letting your imagination run free! Christopher Ugorji

Creativity is new and inventive ideas. Courtney Mazzola

Creativity is uniqueness, originality, and not being afraid to express oneself and one's ideas Erika Solis-Cetz

Creativity is the ability to have ideas that everyone else isn't trying to convince others of! Tim Nelson

Creativity is something we can do all the time. Some people are very interesting and creative even in everyday life. They are original. Shahnaz Sadeghi

Creativity is the ability to create something from nothing. Lauren Davis

Creativity can be anything that a person enjoys doing that involves the right side of the brain, which I think is the creative side. It is using your mind, hands, etc. to imagine things and then doing them. Autumn Pierce

Creativity involves unique thoughts and ideas as well as expressions. Amanda Marquez

Creativity is expressing yourself or your feelings. Aja Luca

Creativity is the art of being creative and expressing an emotion by way of building or making something meaningful. Antonio Gonzalez

Creativity is designing or making something as a way of personal expression through art. Erin Moser

Creativity is any form of self-expression that can be done or be seen in a creative way. Creativity is any way that you express yourself and your ideas, thoughts, etc. LeeAnn Gan

Creativity is the ability to present something, convey information, etc. in an artistic way. Mildred Ilagan

Creativity is the freedom to be oneself. Hayley Reed

Creativity is the participation of doing or making something outside of the normal path. Adam Gillohn

Creativity is the ability to manipulate your environment or objects in it to make something new. Rebecca Joyce

Creativity is a release of inner energy to make something meaningful to the creator. Shayda Massih

Creativity is whatever your mind imagines that is unique. Lanika Manning

Creativity is thinking outside of the box and making the ordinary - extra-ordinary. It is allowing your thoughts to go free and expressing them without any concern. Anabella Dominguez

Creativity is something unique to a person derived from his/her own imagination. Melissa Butler

Creativity is using cognitive processes in order to make something unique. Nikisia Simmons

fall 2003

Creativity is putting your talent to use and giving it a "twist." Emily Harutyunian

Creativity is being an individual and creating something that you have imagined in your heart and transformed it into your brain, which passed it on to your hands. Marine Kazaryan

Creativity is using talent to accent ideas. Lisa Wright

Creativity is something someone makes or an idea one puts into work. Angie Valdes

Creativity is any expression of a feeling. Kelly Wilkerson

Creativity is using your imagination to make something. Nilesh Patel

Creativity is an openess, a flow, or sporatic thoughts. Kate Stiefvater

Creativity involves an authentic idea. Mayra Pelayo

Creativity is the expression of yourself or how you feel. Veronia Avalos

Creativity is one's ability to develop or appreciate a skill. Sandra Haewsky

Creativity is making something unique or different from the norm. Maria Flores

Creativity involves different mental processes that people use to solve problems or accomplish goals. Miguel Herrera

Creativity is just when you thought that you have seen it all and then something comes along that takes your breath away in a most surprising way. Laura Scholten

Creativity is something that we all possess - but it is scary to share because it is so personal. Vanise Castillo-Saad

Creativity involves doing something or making something that is absolutely different from anything else like it. Eric Olson

Creativity results in things that people make that are new and different. Star Dermanchyan

Creativity is thinking outside of the box. Lilia Briones

Creativity can be anything....a thought, a story, art, languages, etc. Claudia Lizama

Creativity involves using your imagination, your originality, and putting things together in a new way. Summer Yacco

Creativity involves a person's ability to make something that is different from what anyone else has done. Roubina Minassian

Creativity is something that shows the uniqueness of people's personality. Jared Patton

Creativity is an expression of emotions and personality, or it is a message one is trying to bring forth. Tisha Pllard

In my opinion, creativity is being able to think outside the box by developing new options. Jerson Hernandez

Creativity is an unconscious, free-flowing inspiration of thoughts and ideas that is manifested in physical form. Nicholas Rahban

Creativity is an idea derived from mentally stimulating yourself through interests that open and explore your mind. Abdulrahman Sindi

spring 2003

Creativity is the ability to use imagination and think with an open mind. Jamie Coleck

Creativity is the ability to create. Elizabeth Kidd

Creativity is one's ability to create something. Tara Vincent

Creativity is the ability to make something. Russ Robinson

Creativity is having imagination to be able to create things that others would not have thought of - or produce things that exist in different forms. Eddie Villarreal

Creativity is free expression of ideas or actions. It is communication. Michelle Harding

Creativity can be defined differently by each person. To me, creativity is something that comes from the heart that helps me to express myself. Ana Bakker-Canas

Creativity is the act of making something unique and special. Christine Shu

I don't believe that creativity can be limited to words or definitions. Anthony Leyba

Creativity is using your own ability to design and to relate to others. Perry Dinsmoor

Creativity is the ability to devlop something new and possibly innovative. Paul Yamashita

Creativity is doing activities that are interesting and twisting them into how a person sees things. Adam Crozier

Creativity is the ability to break out of the box, push limits, explore alternative outlets and expressions and to think in ways that people don't do traditionally. Kristin Ross

Creativity can be hobbies. It can also be talent to do something that makes an individual different from others. Kevin Cordova

Creativity is the word that describes how one expresses oneself - it is feeling, openess, and actions. Tavia Wooley

Creativity is the art of taking ordinary thoughts and ideas or emotions and finding a way of communicating them that truly comes from within oneself, developing this art as a part of who one is. Matt Buice

Creativity is full self-expression. Art comes when you create something until you like it, then you leave it that way. Creativity is what drives us to make any kind of art - a combination of imagination and intellect. Kandice Bishop

Creativity is using your imagination and your abilities to make a simple poem into a great love song. Rosa Ramos

Creativity is being able to come up with unique, new, enjoyable objects. It is putting an effort into placing different objects and thoughts together in creating something new. Roza Zograbyan

To me, creativity is making things by hand. Keisuke Anabuki

Creativity is being original. Quennia Linares

Creativity is the ability to make anything unique and original. It involes being innovative. Dana Barba

Creativity is self-expression - some form of personal art. Summer Brown

fall 2002

Creativty is what people do that shows their uniqueness. April Ochoa

Creativity is one's ability to use ones mind to create. Brandy Floersheim

Creativity is doing something unlike everyone else. Nasima Karina

Creativity involves new and different ideas. Adam Hoffman

Creativity is the ability to formulate thoughts and/or ideas and construct them in an entertaining way. Steven Shenefield

Creativity is being able to make things work in a way that no one thought of before. Paul Juranovich

Creativity is letting yourself create numerous ideas or plans that have no boundaries. Creative things can be looked at in numerous ways. Jorge Emilio Motin Jr.

I think creativity is involved in music, poetry and sculpture - and perhaps crafts. Eva Eiriksdottir

Creativity is thinking outside the box using openmided, unconstrained thought and expression. Amy Watts

Creativity is seeing things colorful and different. It involves making things. Charlene Medina

Creativity is the ability to be able to express yourself in whatever way that makes you comfortable. Veronica Barragan

Creativity is expressing yourself though whatever means you wish - such as writing, art, etc. Christina Pacheco

Creativity is engaging in novel behavior. Thinking and acting in a non-linear fashion. Ryan Black

Creativity is being original and doing things that make Jarred Myren

Creativity is the process of creating or manipulating any form of media in such a way that is enhancing, pleasing or stimulating. Daniel Hayward

To me, creativity would be the ability to think quickly and accurately. It comes from within yourseklf. Christopher Hughes

To be creativity is the unknown - something that I don't have. Lisa Marie Clark

Creativity is an emotional outlet that can serve as therapy to help us deal with everyday experiences - either good or bad. Melisa Noriega

Creativity is a work beyond normal. Michael Gharibi

Creativity is doing/thinking/making something in a way that is different from what has been done/thought/made before. Cynthia White

Creativity is the way that people express themselves. Kathy McAnany

Creativity is the ability to pull something from nothing.Karl Herbst

spring 2002

Creativity is shown when people put their ideas in action by doing something or making something new and unique. Jennifer Amran

Creativity is the ability to express oneself in new and different ways. Oscar R. Bermudez

Creativity is the act of creating. It employs the imagination and can use all of one's senses. Virginia Cammarano

Creativity is the process of letting out expressions in different ways. Mari Contreras

Creativity is using original ideas to make, write or do things that have not been done before. Tommi Davenport

To me, creativity is more than just thinking. To me, it is art - a form of designing or transforming. Angie Galdamez

Creativity is breaking the boundaries of what we know. Barbara Kim

To me, creativity is thinking up ideas and applying them to other things. Athena D. Cummings

Creativity is something that is personal. Lucy Hamby

Creativity is using the heart to explain things other than in words. Heather Harper

Creativity can involve several different ideas. It is about expanding the mind with open-ended ideas - thinking new things in new ways and with new thought processes. It is possibly being artistic or physically active, as in dance or yoga. Sherry Johnson

Creativity is the ability to imagine and/or create something that does not exist. Something that is new, different, etc. Creativity is not just a thing you do - it is who you are, how you are. Christopher Khumorkiew

Creativity is how one expresses oneself in art. Creativity is different for each person. Jennifer Laska

I have no idea what creativity is. Paul MacMillen

Creativity is the ability to construct something from an idea. Cheryle McClelland

Creativity is the ability to let your mind wander without trying to limit it. Patricia Mejia

Creativity is the ability to make beauty out of physical objects in new and unique ways. Lisa Nichols

Creativing is making something new and different. JoAnn Papanikolaou

Creativity is play. It is allowing one's inner artist to create - using any medium, such as poetry, music, painting, etc. Danny Powell

Creativity is thinking or doing something no one has done before. Avi Rav-Noy

Creativity is using differnt sources and techniques to create something from our imagination. Marleen Rios

Being creative is being able to come up with different variations of a certain thing. Letting your imagination take the best of you - and work from there. Lea Sanguinetti

Creativity is the ability to use your imagination and create things that you are interested in. Sara Stone

Creativity is anything that you make or do that is unique. Angela Theodorou

Creativity is something a person does that is unique and it is a talent that he/she has. Katrin Touroosian

Creativity involves inspiration and hard work. Creativity is never adcepting that something cannot be done just because someone says so. Creativity is soul-conjured and thought-provoked, hand-molded and sweat-built. Brenda Urbshot

Creativity is the openess and subjective view of the self and how a person is willing to broaden him/herself. Arturo Vargas

Creativity is coming up with different ideas and inventions that have never been thought of yet. Beatrix Wagner

fall 2001

Creativity can be defined in many ways. But creativity to me is as simple as re-decorating your room, writing a poem, or drawing a picture. It must come from your own inner thoughts. Brenda Alcala

Creativity is having a desire to try new things. It involves a sense of curiosity about life and the world around you. Susan Cruz

Creativity is opening your mind to new and different ways of doing things Jennifer Charbonneau

Creativity is the ability to make something out of nothing, to see the potential in everyday natural things, events and people. Tim Follrath

Creativity is the ability to look outside the box. It is an innovative way of looking at the ordinary and making something beautiful or thought provoking. Giovanna Calambrogio

Creatvity is making something that is your own - something that just comes to you. Maria Dzhiganyan

Creativity is making something original from a person's imagination, using unlimited materials and styles. Michael Meszaros

Creatvity is being able to express oneself through various mediums in a nonbasic and inventive manner. Amber Freeman

Creativity takes a written, verbal, audio, or visual form that expresses the creators thoughts, feelings, mood, personality or state of mind. It is a unique way of communicating between artist and viewers. Craig Mellinger

Creativity is a process of thinking - or a train of thought - that allows an individual to look at things in a different way than most other more conventional people would. Joel Suyematsu

Creativity is anything that allows for an outlet of emotion, anything that may be perceived as art, anything that makes you feel. Charity Katz

Creatvity is making or changing things to make them for you or for someone else. Charles Mortensen

Creativity is a source or power to come up with new ideas. Hatsumi Kinoshita

Creatvity is what comes from your individual self. Matt Bryan

Creativity is being able to do something original from something that is set normally. Melynda Mirovich

Creatviity is making things look better and giving things a new look. Rania Suroot

Creativity is using the imagination. Sabrina Gutierrez

Rather than being an hereditary trait, creativity is how we are all able to change things (like ideas, music, art) in new and exciting ways. Arthur Amaya

Creativity is an expression of ones feelings at that moment. Rocky Kraus

Creativity is the act of bringing into being. This could apply to many different things - from objects to subject matter. Matthew Zakhor

Creatvity is the application of an open, free-thinking mind to express itself. Donna Pioli

Creativity is the ability to find solutions to problems in an efficient and novel manner. Adam Adler

Creativity is anything that is created. We are all created, so we are all creative beings. Karla Kayzakian

Creativity is the making of something beautiful or meaningful out of nothing. Leslie Bartlett

Creativity is self expression. It is any action that is an outlet for emotions. Denise During

Creativity is the ability to make, draw, write novel things using raw materials. Varduhi Kahtehatryan

Creativity is thinking outside the typical realm. Meghan Umhofer

Creativity is the ability to make (or be) something different from the normal. Kandi Marks

spring 2001

Creativity is the use of the mind or body to perform tasks in a way that is not common. Kymberlee Musick

Creativity is the mind's potential to influence and change the world through resourceful means. Tracy Ann Jones

Creativity is the ability to create something new out of what is already out there. Violet Rivas

Creativity is imagination, concepts, ideas that each individual carrys within. It's also a way of expressing hidden feelings. Claudia Herrera

Creativity is the degree to which one can envision altering the existing nature of something. Luis Navarro

Creativity is my individual expression of authentic ideals - looking at things through an abstract expression. Jessica Garofalo

Creativity is doing things in a unique or a different way - not the average thing. Even a single word can be "different." Amy Shapiro

Creativity is expressing your thoughts and ideas as well as your visions in a variety of different mediums. April Russell

Creativity involves ideas or concepts that come into the thought process, allowing one to use those thoughts to solve problems or deal with situations. Paul Cordoba

Creativity is expanding on anything that you find interesting. Nadine Fuentes

Creativity is not just one thing - it is more of an activity. Creativity is the act of being creative. It involves the ability to trancend what already is as well as to transcend conventional notions of what is possible - to create something that wasn't there before. It is seeing something in a new way. Eric Swidler

Creativity is the innate talent to express oneself in a non-mainstream format. K. Pattie Figueroa

Creativity is the ability to create something from nothing. Chris Domasin

Everything has been done under the sun. Creativity is a fresh, new, original way to express the world that we filter through our conciousness. Julie Adeshchenko

Creativity is a genuine expression using any medium. It usually is profound in its own way. Parsi Kim

Creativity is flexibility in learning styles and thinking patterns that is used in order to succeed on an individual level. Group creativity is a culmination and collaboration of these processes - "thinking outside the box." Jan Leegard

Creativity is being resourceful, adapting to change, being accepting of others, being open-minded. Jenny Tse

Creativity is the place where one goes to learn. It is the world that we will never learn enough of. It is something that I want more of - something that I want to be. Sabrena Bryce

fall 2000

Creativity is exploration of the imagination. Adrien Moskowitz

Creativity is seeing targets that others can't see and hitting them. "It is fun!" Wm. Vassil Vassilev

Creativity is an expression of something within the creator's mind. It is a paradoxical process that can come through convergence or divergence, linear or nonlinear, or ordinary or extraordinary thought. Jennifer van Heijzen

Creativity is thinking, behaving, creating, experiencing in non-traditional and alternative ways. Deborach A. Whitcomb

Creativity is enlightenment to new interpretations of things that exist. Proze

Creativity is the ability to come up with spontaneous and/or original and extraordinary definitive ideas and schemes that can be simple and ingenious simultaneously. Bryant Horowitz

Creativity is the ability to express your feelings and emotions through different types of self-expression, such as the visual arts, dance, music, everyday life. Heather Greenewald

Creativity is a channel to express one's ideas, thoughts and feelings - a healthy form to transcribe one's unresolved emotions. Creativity also embraces the whole of the universe. It flows out as an expression and flows in as an interpretation. Charlie Franco

Creativity is thinking outside of the box. Melanie Festa

Creativity is being different. Negin Mohajer

Creativity is shown when people express what they see in artistic ways. It is something that attracts others to what one has in mind. Daniel Girard

I don't really think that there is a real definition of creativity. It has to do with the process of making something new, doing something that is different and has never been done before. Louisa Mendelsohn

Creativity is just what you make it out to be! Kemie Austin

Creativity is thinking and responding to different things and situations in a non-normative way. Corinne Long

Creativity is a gift to exercise your mind past normality. Christina Smith

Creativity is everything that you do (dress, talk, walk) outside the bell curve. Just do it! Keyonna Taylor

Creativity is is goal-oriented even though the outcome is not fuly understood or expected. Creativity moves people in a deep way, even when it is simple. Rachelle Ceballos

Creativity is refining an already existing idea to the point of difference. Zack Murray

Fall 1998

Creativity is thinking and expanding your ideas beyond the boundaries in order to generate ideas that reflect your true personality. Marc Williams

Creativity is the ability to think outside the boundaries. Jane Stockert

Creativity can be anything from drawing pictures, forming objects, writing poems - or even making your house look beautiful. [For the latter, you need to have taste in order to make it beautiful.] Katherine Mikailians

Creativity is a quality that lets one use imagination, explore new ideas, and create unique things. Donna Castiglione

Creativity is being able to express oneself through art, dance or any other form in a different manner from other people. Morella Cabrera

Creativity is the ability to break away from the norm - making the mundane side of life exciting. Marina Sangkavichai

I see creativity as the personality of each person because everyone is creative in one way. Soheila Ghassemi

Spring 1998

Creativity is the ability to use imagination, insight and intellect - as well as feeling and emotion - to move an idea from its present state to an alternate, previously unexplored state. Angelique Burzynski

Creativity is an end to any means that is constructed to be shared and created to inspire and to motivate. Salvador Palacios

Creativity is the expression of inner emotions. Liliana Perez

Creatvity is one's own imagination coming out in the real world. Nilou Yamini

Creativity is the process of taking something (or an idea) and making it your own creation. Erin Goulding

Creativity is the ability to have "unique" thoughts and feelings about anything and everything. Toni Bowes

Creativity is a subjective term which entails using your brain and making yourself and others happy. Sara Deardorff

Creativity is your personal touch - born of individualism. Jackie Lynn Tosches

Creativity is the art of organizing thoughts in different ways - other than "standard" ways of doing things. It is a reflection of feelings, ideas and perspectives. Nancy Perez

Creativity is the ability to combine physical things and imaginary things to make something new - sometimes unusual. Geronimo Mendoza

Creativity is an expression that one can use to refer to many different things: dancing, writing, etc. Creativity can be thought of as something unique. Karen Spencer

Creativity is the ability to have an open mind to limitless possibilities through exploration and experiences. Ruben Salvador

Creativity is something unique to an individual - a talent or gift. Frances Bandi Truitt

Creativity is the ability to use and share the God-given talents we were endowed with. I believe that these talents are what makes a person and defines his/her personality. It is through these talents that a person can express himself/herself. Minerva Rozo

Creativity comes from a person's heart, mind and soul. BichChi Pham

Creativity is something that someone makes from the inside of himself/herself. It is done with feeling. Alyssa Westmoreland

Creativity is the expression of one's personal thoughts, feelings and experiences. Edie Marks

Creativity is the ability to relate thoughts and ideas without constant guidelines and restrictions. Debbie Pelmont

Creativity is the ability for people to do or say - or to make things - while being original - being an individual and not just going along with the "herd." Jason S. Goldberg

Creative endeavors are expressions of emotions through various acts. Anna Perez

Creativity involves uniques ideas. Deannna Hughes

To me, creativity is a passion - like a hobby (e.g., music, painting) that you pursue. It is something that you are born with but develop though life and through different experiences. Regina Zeltser

Fall 1997

Creativity is having the ability to solve problems and create anything in life in a unique way - unlike anyone else. Tessa Ackermann

Creativity is the ability use one's mind to invent or make something from nothing. Bits and pieces of things, when creatively combined, can result in a new object or use. Creativity is the ability to use your mind in a way that is different from just using what you have been taught. Dave Avaness

Creativity is using your imagination and past experience and putting them to use with whatever the situation may be. Rita Awanes

Creativity is the quality or process of "freeing up," reserving judgement and letting one's "creative muse" act through you. Susie Bryant

Creativity is the force behind making dreams into reality. William M. Burton, Jr.

Creativity is subjective and exists in each individual. Each individual expresses his/her creativity differently - with music, painting, poetry, story-writing, etc. No one person can really define creativity because creativity, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Mary Carrera

Creativity is the materialization of one's imagination when one is permitted to think freely and is encouraged to be individualistic. Michelle Castro

Creativity is the process of producing that which does not exist - or considering that which is not known or understood. David Deans

Creativity is a work of people's inspirations, ideas or genius. Sherly Delshad

Creativity is a thinking process that is different from that of other people - a unique way of doing things. Polet Der Hovanesssian

Creativity is what makes a person be able to express her/himself through art. Veronica Federovsky

Creativity is a person's own ambition to do something unique and special. Wendy Gottlieb

Creativity refers to the brain's ability to process thought in ways beyond simple motor actions and survival skills. Jim Harmon

Creativity is something produced that is new, innovative and usually beautiful - at least to some people. Elizabeth Hobson

Everybody is creative, whatever you are doing. When you are interested and your mind is working, whatever you do makes you excited. Candace Howerton

Creativity is a new idea or a new way of looking at something that may help organize things or may be aesthetically pleasing. Brad Huss

Creativity is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary - trying to see something from another perspective that may not be obvious to others. Nancy Kanter

Creativity is finding a solution to a problem that could not be solved by going from point A to point B to point C. It is an inventive way to design, envision, and/or create something or to do an existing task somewhat differently. Niels Kasmann

Creativity is doing something that is worthwhile and productive in a way that is different from an established way of doing it. It is daydreaming, introspection and thinking as well as action. Carole Livengood

Creativity is the ability to create something from what seems to be nothing, either physically (art), mentally (ideas, music), emotionally (theater), etc. Trina Mallach

Creativity is the ability to generate new, novel concepts or ideas with little if any inspiration. Darnell C. Murphy, Sr.

Creativity is the unlimited effort of the mind to express itself and its uniqueness. Ken Rappe

Creativity is the ability of the mind to take various bits of information from different modes of brain activity (e.g., attitudes, feelings, thoughts, memories, emotions, etc.) and build a new entity (creation) as a whole expression of the self. Mark Strauss

Creativity is individuality. Elizabeth Watson