Creating a Webpage

Things You Will Need:

Some form of storage for the computers at CSUN (simple disks work great)

Computer with Microsoft FrontPage (any at CSUN)

Internet Connection

1. Open Microsoft FrontPage.

2. Select: File -> New Page or Web.

3. Select "Empty Web" [make sure you're always working/saving in this web folder, save it to A:/Website (or some other name)]

4. In your new Empty Web, Select File -> New Page of Web -> Blank Page

5. Use the program and commands to edit your new page (more on this later)

6. Select: File -> Publish Web.

7. Save your Web Folder and modified webpages to your A: drive (your disk) (Save pages IN the webfolder)

8. Make sure your main page(home) is saved as index.html.

9. Publish to: (that's public_html)