California State University, Northridge

Creative Web Sites

suggested by Psychology 344/444 students.

Post Secret
A collection of anonymous messages written on postcards. Amazing! Sarah Valdes
A fabulous combination of music and animation - with the instruments playing the music themselves!
David Copperfield Web site
This site was selected for the originality of its design. Jesse Abdelsayed
Brain Spoon
This site was selected for the orginality of its design.Talin Golestanian
Replayful Web site
This site was selected for the orinality of its design.Victoria Dekovich
Eric Conveys an Emotion
In this eccentric creation, Eric conveys a variety of emotions in his facial expressions. Lea Sanguinetti
A bogus parody of the news with funny satirical humor thrown in for fun! Mari Contreras
Sherman's Lagoon
In my opinion, Jim Toomey is the most creative comic strip artist of his generation! His sense of human just tickles my funny bone! Donna Hardy