Adding sound using Midi (.mid) or Wave (.wav)

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So you want to add sound to your webpage? There are two ways that "I" know off, although i'am sure there are better ways.

I. Using midi  files

  • What is a midi? A midi is  like a digital sound file where all the sounds are digitally composed by a computer. There is no singing, yet its usually just as good as a normal sound file. There are midi files for almost any type of music you can think of. From Metallica to Beethoven. Best of all, .mid files are extremely small.

1. Ok, this is the simplest way I can think of. Just search for your favorite .mid file online through Google, yahoo etc..

    for example if I want to search for midi files of Aerosmith I would go to a search engine such as yahoo and type. "Aerosmith midi"

     and would get search results for WebPages containing the aerosmith midi's.

2.  Then I download the file that I would like to use onto my floppy disk. For example if I found a webpage that had a .midi file of the Aerosmith song  "crying" I would simply download that file (crying.mid).

3. Now that you have your .midi file in your floppy. Open your webpage, and right click and go to PAGE PROPERTIES

  •  Look under the section that says -background sound-
  •  Underneath it click on the Browse button to insert your file.
  • Since I want to add the (crying.mid) file, I download I go to my floppy disk and select that song.

 Now once you select it, just click ok. Save the webpage and publish/update both the page you insert the file into, and the file itself.

  • The background sound playing right now is a midi file.

II. USING Wav files

  • What is a wav file?  "WAV files are typically digital audio data files that conform to the Microsoft Windows WAV file format standard." (
  •  Ok there are two ways to get wave files (.wav). Either you search online for it like you do for the midi file's, or... you record it yourself.

1. In order to record it yourself first on your computer go to START/Programs/Accessories/Entertainment/Windows Media Recorder


2. When the program opens up you will notice its a relatively easy recording program to understand. Record, Stop, Rewind etc... easy right?

3. Now what you do is, on your computer, or stereo, whichever you prefer play the song of your choice. Loud enough so that the computers microphone can hear it, but not too loud so that its hard to tell what song it is. Then push the RECORD button on the program to begin recording the song, or sound.

  • You should typically record less then 50 seconds of sound, so the sound file wont be too big.

4. When you think you have recorded enough. Click stop. Then save your file in your floppy disk under whatever name you prefer.

5. Last step is similar to the above instructions for midi files. Right click and select page properties, under Background sound click the browse button and choose the wave file you recorded.

6. Now when you save and publish that webpage, make sure you also publish the actual sound file itself or else you wont hear it.

  • For an example of what a .wav background sounds like go to my homepage at That's just a recorded song off a cd. Sound quality isnt PERFECT, but its not bad.
  • For any questions regarding any of these methods you can email me, or any of the other TA's.