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How to Apply- 10 Easy Steps to becoming an INTERN at CSUN

Download this page as a PDF document - 10 EASY STEPS

1. Contact an advisor within your specialization area for information and an admission interview

Mild/Moderate Disabilities
Dr. Tamarah Ashton

phone: (818) 677-4869

Early Childhood Special Education
Dr. Deborah Chen
phone: (818) 677-4604

Moderate/Severe Disabilities
Dr. Kathy Peckham Hardin
phone: (818) 677-4002

Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Dr. Ellen Schneiderman
phone: V/VP (818) 677-2649

Steps 2 – 4 may be completed simultaneously

2. Contact Dr. Tamarah Ashton for information on the Intern Program and requirements to enroll in the Intern Program.
phone: 677-4869

3. Submit application to CSUN (if not already admitted to CSUN)

4. Submit Credential Program Application (if not already admitted to the Credential Program) http://www.csun.edu/education/cred/applications/

Paperwork for Steps 5 – 7 must be reviewed by Dr. Ashton and then submitted to the Credential Preparation Office at CSUN

5. Obtain Verification of Completion of Pre-service Component from Dr. Tamarah Ashton

6. Provide Intern Offer of Employment to Dr. Ashton for her signature

7. Complete Intern Credential Request Form

8. Submit the following documents to the Credential Preparation Office

Intern Credential Request Form
Verification of Completion of Pre-service Component
Intern Offer of Employment

9. Upon receipt of email from CTC pay on-line for intern credential

10. Contact Dr. Ashton for advisement regarding courses

*Please note that requirements may change. Whether or not they are specified here, they are in effect.