FIN 352: Investment Management   -   Professor Dow

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This is an introductory course in investments. This course is organized around 15 topics, divided into 5 parts.  Each topic is built around readings (either from the textbook, online sources or class-specific items), problem sets (from the textbook; discussed in class but not turned in), worksheets (completed on your own but not turned in) and assignments (which are turned in at  In addition, the class will have a midterm and a final. 

The textbook for the course is Jones Investments.  10 of the topics are based on chapters of Jones, 5 are supplemental. 

The Syllabus
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The Assignments
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Careers in Investing
Personal Finance Basics at CSUN
Investment Basics for Non-Majors

Course Outline:
  (Click on each section to get the checklists and learning goals for that part)

Part I.  Investing Basics

1.   Understanding Investments  (Jones, chapter 1)
2.   Investment Alternatives  (Jones, chapter 2)
3.   Indirect Investing  (Jones, chapter 3)
4.   Asset Allocation
Part II.  The Mechanics of Investing
5.   Securities Markets  (Jones, chapter 4)
6.   How Securities are Traded   (Jones, chapter 5)
7.   Returns and Risks from Investing   (Jones, chapter 6)
8.   Wealth Management and Retirement
Part III.  Portfolio Theory
9.   Market Efficiency and Investing Strategy
10. Portfolio Theory
Part IV.  Stock Valuation and Fundamental Analysis
11.  Common Stock Valuation   (Jones, chapter 10)
12.  Company Analysis   (Jones, chapter 15)
Part V.   Other Investments
13.  Bond Yields and Prices   (Jones, chapter 17)
14.  Options and Futures  (Jones, chapter 19 & 20)
15.  Real Estate Investing