FIN 352: Investment Management-   Professor Dow

Part III – Portfolio Theory

The learning goal for this section is to understand the basics of modern portfolio theory and its implications for investing. Note: this is a "low tech" coverage of the subject. Students interested in taking more advanced classes in investments should read through the associated Jones chapters in more detail.

Checklist:  Additional Readings
9.  Market Efficiency and Investing Strategy

__ Powerpoint: Market Efficiency Lecture I
__ Powerpoint: Market Efficiency Lecture II
__ Flash Cards: Quizlet, PDF

Jones, Chap. 12, "Market Efficiency"
10.  Portfolio Theory
__ Powerpoint: Portfolio Theory
__ Worksheet: Calculating Portfolio Returns
__ Flash Cards: Quizlet , PDF
Jones, Chap. 7, "Portfolio Theory"

Jones, Chap. 8, "Portfolio Selection and Asset Allocation "

Jones, Chap. 9, "Capital Market Theory and Asset Pricing Models "