FIN 352: Investment Management   -   Professor Dow

Part V – Other Investments

The learning goals for this section are to understand the management of a bond portfolio and the uses of futures and options in investing.

Checklist:  Additional Readings

13.  Bonds

__Reading: Chapter 17, Bond Yields and Prices
__Lecture:  Bond yields and prices
__Lecture: Bond risks and the term structure
__Assignment 12: Finding the Current Term Structure
__Problems: P17.1, 17.3, 17.4, 17.9.
__Flash Cards: PDF Quizlet

Jones, Chap. 18, "Bonds: Analysis and Strategy "

14.  Options and Futures

__Reading: Chapter 19, Options, pp.504-520.
__Reading: Chapter 20, Futures.
__Lecture: Options
__Lecture: Futures
__Flash Cards: PDF Quizlet

OIC: Options Education (free registration required)

15.  Real Estate Investing

__Reading: .
__Lecture: Real estate investing
__Flash Cards: What is a REIT?
SEC: What are REITS?
FINRA: Non-traded REITS
Investopedia: Real estate investing
NAR: Investing in real estate
NYT: Risks when investing in real estate
Bankrate: Rental income in retirement