FIN 352: Investment Management   -   Professor Dow

Part IV – Stock Valuation and Fundamental Analysis

The goal of this section is learn how to value stocks using fundamental analysis.  This is only an introduction to the topic and you should not use these techniques to invest in stocks without additional research! 

Checklist:  Additional Readings:

11.  Stock Valuation

__ Reading: Jones, Chapter 10
__ Reading: Jones, Chapter 15
__ Lecture: The Process of Fundamental Analysis/Value Investing.
__ Lecture: Valuation Using Discounted Cash Flow
__ Lecture: Valuing Google
__ Powerpoint: Valuing Google
__ Shiller Data
__ Excel: Stock Market Valuation
__ Powerpoint: Valuation
__ Worksheet: Valuation
__ Flash Cards: PDF Quizlet
__ Problems: P10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.7, 10.10, 10.17.

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Letters

Damodaran has a more advanced treatment of valuation and security selection

Damodaran Stock Market Valuation

Shiller Data: Charts for Class

12.  Company Analysis
__ Reading: Jones, Chapter 15
__ Lecture: Financial Statements and Financial Ratios
__ Assignment 9: Find information about a company
__ Assignment 10: Financial ratio analysis
__ Assignment 11: Valuation using earnings
__ Problems: P15.1, 15.2, 15.3
__ Flash Cards: Financial Ratios PDF Quizlet

Jones, Chapters 13 and 14, discuss macroeconomic analysis and industry analysis. We don’t cover these chapters in class because the topics are so exensive that one or two lectures will do very little.

Readings on financial statements:

PPTs on financial statements from my FIN 303 class
Study Finance