(April 27, 1605—May 16, 1605)

SS Peter and Paul

giulio (scudo)



The two patron saints of the Roman church, Peter with a book and keys, Paul with a sword..

Arms of Card.inal Aldobrandini


Arms of Pietro Card. Aldobrandini, Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church (1599-1621), surmounted by the Ombrellone, crossed keys.

Berman, p. 132 #1638.

Born in Rome in 1571, PIETRO CARD. ALDOBRANDINI, the son of Pietro Aldobrandini and of Flaminia Ferracci, was nephew of Pope Clement VIII (1592-1605). He obtained a doctorate in Civil and Canon Law, and was named Protonotary Apostolic. He was created a cardinal deacon in 1593, and along with his cousin Cardinal Cincio took over the affairs of the papal government. On December 20, 1599 he was appointed Cardinal Chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church for life. He acted as Legate for the Pope to Henri IV of France, first to regularize his situation with the Church, and then to finalize the marriage of the king with Catherine de' Medici (1600-1601). He became Archbishop of Ravenna in 1604, and in 1620 was promoted Bishop of the Suburbicarian See of Sabina. He died on the day after the conclusion of the Conclave of 1621.

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Death of Pope Leo XI

Pope Leo XI (de' Medici) ruled for only twenty-seven days, April 1 to April 27, 1605. He had caught a chill while taking possession of his cathedral, the Lateran Basilica, on April 17, and died ten days later.


Cardinals attending:

  1. Tolomeo Galli di Como (aged 77), Suburbicarian Bishop of Ostia and Velletri, dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals.(died February 3, 1607)
    –The See of Porto was vacant.
  2. Alessandro Ottaviano de' Medici (aged 69), Suburbicarian Bishop of Palestrina (died April 27, 1605) "Cardinal of Florence" elected Pope Leo XI.
  3. Domenico Pinelli (aged 63), Suburbicarian Bishop of Frascati (1603-June 1, 1605). ex-Professor of Law at Padua
  4. Girolamo Bernerio, OP (aged 65), Suburbicarian Bishop of Albano.[1603-1607] (died 1611)
  5. François de Joyeuse (aged 42), Suburbicarian Bishop of Sabina.(died 1615) Archbishop of Rouen

  6. Agostino Valier (aged 73), Cardinal Priest of San Marco (died 1606) Bishop of Verona.
  7. Antonio Maria Galli (aged 51), Cardinal Priest of Santa Prassede (died 1620) Bishop of Osimo.
  8. Antonio Maria Sauli (aged 64), Cardinal Priest of S. Maria in Trastevere [1603-1607] (died 1623) Doctorate in law (Padua)
  9. .
  10. Giovanni Evangelista Pallotta (aged 63), Cardinal Priest of S. Lorenzo in Lucina (died 1623) Archpriest of the Vatican Basilica.
  11. Mariano Pierbenedetti (aged 66), Cardinal Priest of SS. Marcellino e Pietro (died 1611) "Camerino"
  12. Gregorio Petrocchini (aged 70), Cardinal Priest of S. Agostino (died 1612) "Montelparo"
  13. Paolo Emilio Sfondrato (aged 45), Cardinal Priest of Santa Cecilia [1591-1618] (died 1618). Legate in Bologna and the Romangna "Montepulciano"
  14. .
  15. Benedetto Giustiniani (aged 60), Cardinal Priest of Santa Prisca (died 1621)
  16. Francesco Maria Bourbon del Monte Santa Maria (aged 55), Cardinal Priest of Santa Maria in Aracoeli (died 1627). Prefect of the SC of the Council of Trent.
  17. Ottavio d'Aquaviva d'Aragona (aged 45), Cardinal Priest of SS. Giovanni e Paolo [1602-June 5, 1605] (died 1612). Doctor in utroque iure, Perugia
  18. Flaminio Piatti (aged 52), Cardinal Priest of Santa Maria della Pace (died 1611).
  19. Ottavio Paravicini (aged 52), Cardinal Priest of S. Alessio (died 1611).
  20. Federico Borromeo (aged 40), Cardinal Priest of Santa Maria degli Angeli (died 1618) Archbishop of Milan. Doctorate in law, Pavia
  21. Giovanni Antonio Facchinetti de Nuce (aged 30), Cardinal Priest of Santi Quattro Coronati (died 1606).
  22. Francesco Maria Tarugi, Orat. (aged 80), Cardinal Priest of S. Maria sopra Minerva (died 1608) Archbishop of Siena.
  23. Ottavio Bandini (aged 46), Cardinal Priest of Santa Sabina (died 1629) Archbishop of Fermo.
  24. Anne d'Escars de Givry, OSB (aged 59), Cardinal Priest of Santa Susanna (died 1612) ex-Bishop of Lisieux, Coadjutor of Langres.
  25. Giovanni Francesco Biandrate di San Giorgio (aged 60), Cardinal Priest of San Clemente (died July 16, 1605) Bishop of Faenza.
  26. Camillo Borghese (aged 52), Cardinal Priest of San Crisogono (died 1621) Secretary of the Inquisition, Vicar-General of Rome..
  27. Cesare Baronio, Orat. (aged 66), Cardinal Priest of SS. Nereo ed Achilleo (died 1607) Bibliothecarius S. R. E.
  28. Lorenzo Bianchetti (aged 59), Cardinal Priest of San Lorenzo in Panisperna (died 1612). Doctor of Law, Bologna
  29. Francisco de Ávila (aged 56 ?), Cardinal Priest of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme [1599-1606] (died 1606). Cardinal Protector of Spain
  30. Francesco Mantica (aged 71), Cardinal Priest of San Tommaso in Parione (died 1614). Doctor in utroque iure, Padua
  31. Pompeio Arrigoni (aged 53), Cardinal Priest of Santa Balbina (died 1616) Doctor in utroque iure, Padua
  32. Bonifacio Bevilacqua Aldobrandini (aged 34), Cardinal Priest of S Anastasia [1599-1611] (died 1627) Legate in Perugia and Umbria. Prefect of the Council of the Index. law degree, Padua
  33. Alfonso Visconti (aged 53), Cardinal Priest of S. Sisto (died 1608) Archbishop of Spoleto. Doctor in utroque iure, Pavia
  34. Domenico Toschi (aged 70), Cardinal Priest of San Onofrio [1604-1610] (died 1620) Bishop of Tivoli. .Doctor in law, Pavia
  35. Paolo Emilio Zacchia (aged 51), Cardinal Priest of San Marcello (died May 31, 1605). Bishop of Montefiascone and Corneto
  36. Franz von Dietrichstein (aged 34), Cardinal Priest of San Silvestro in Capite (died 1636) Archbishop of Olomouc (cf. Histoire des conclaves, 325-326)
  37. Roberto Bellarmino, SJ (aged 62), Cardinal Priest of Santa Maria in Via [1595-June 1, 1605] (died 1621) Archbishop of Capua
  38. François d'Escoubleau de Sourdis (aged 30), Cardinal Priest of SS. XII Apostoli (died 1628).Archbishop of Bordeaux
  39. Séraphin Olivier Razali (aged 67), Cardinal Priest of S. Salvatore in Lauro (died 1609) Doctor in utroque iure, Bologna.Latin Patriarch of Alexandria
  40. Domenico Ginnasi (aged 53), Cardinal Priest of S. Pancrazio (died 1639) Archbishop of Manfredonia. Nuncio in Spain
  41. Antonio Zapata y Cisneros (aged 54), Cardinal Priest without title (died 1635) Archbishop of Burgos
  42. Filippo Spinelli (aged 39), Cardinal Priest of San Bartolommeo all' Isola (died 1616) bishop of Policastro.
  43. Carlo Conti (aged 48), Cardinal Priest without title (died 1615) bishop of Ancona. Doctor in utroque iure, Perugia
  44. Carlo Gaudenzio Madruzzo (aged 43), Cardinal Priest without title (died 1629) Prince-Bishop of Trento. Doctor in utroque iure, Pavia
  45. Jacques Davy du Perron (aged 48), Cardinal Priest of S. Agnese in Agone (died 1618). bishop of Evreux, France.
  46. Innocenzo del Bufalo Cancellieri (aged 39), Cardinal Priest of S. Tommaso in Parione (died 1610) Bishop of Camerino. Doctor of law (Rome)
  47. Giovanni Delfino (aged 60), Cardinal Priest of San Matteo (died 1622). Bishop of Vicenza
  48. Giacomo Sannesio (aged ca. 45), Cardinal Priest of San Stefano Rotondo (died 1621).
  49. Erminio Valenti (aged 41), Cardinal Priest of Santa Maria in Transpontina (died 1618).
  50. Girolamo Pamphili (aged ca. 60), Cardinal Priest of San Biagio (died 1610).
  51. Ferdinando Taverna (aged 47), Cardinal Priest of San Eusebio (died 1619). Legate of the Marches
  52. Anselmo Marzato, OFM Cap (aged 62), Cardinal Priest of San Pietro in Montorio (died 1607) "Cardinal of Monopoli", his birthplace.

  53. Francesco Sforza di Santa Fiora (aged 42), Cardinal Deacon of Santa Maria in Via Lata [1588-1617] (died 1624) Cardinal Protodeacon
  54. Alessandro Damasceni Peretti de Montalto (aged 33), Cardinal Deacon of S. Lorenzo in Damaso [1589-1623] (died 1623) Grand-nephew of Sixtus V. Vice-Chancellor of the S. R. E.
  55. Odoardo Farnese (aged 31), Cardinal Deacon of San Eustachio [1595-1617] (died 1626). Great-grandson of Pope Paul III
  56. Pietro Aldobrandini (aged 33), Cardinal Priest of S. Pancrazio (died February 10, 1621) nipote of Pope Clement VIII. Major Penetentiary. Cardinal Camerlengo
  57. Bartolomeo Cesi (aged 39), Cardinal Deacon of Santa Maria in Portico (died 1621) Doctor in utroque iure, Perugia.
  58. Andrea Baroni Peretti Montalto (aged 32), Cardinal Deacon of S. Angelo in Pescheria [1600-1617] (died 1629) cousin of Pope Sixtus V
  59. Alessandro d'Este (aged 36), Cardinal Deacon of Santa Maria Nuova (died 1624). Brother of the Duke of Modena
  60. Cinzio Passeri Aldobrandini (aged 54). Cardinal Deacon of S. Giorgio in Velabro [1598-June 1, 1605] (died 1610) Nephew of Pope Clement VIII
  61. Giovanni Battista Deti (aged 25), Cardinal Deacon of Santa Maria in Cosmedin (died 1630).
  62. Silvestro Aldobrandini (aged 17), Cardinal Deacon of San Cesareo (died 1612) Grand-nephew of Clement VIII. Prior of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem [Cardella, VI, 85-86]
  63. Giovanni Doria (aged 32), Cardinal Deacon without title (died 1642).
  64. Carlo Emmanuele Pio di Carpi (aged 20), Cardinal Deacon of San Nicola in Carcere [1604-1623] (died 1641).

Cardinals absent:

  1. Ascanio Colonna (aged 44), Cardinal Priest of S. Pudenziana (died 1608). Prior of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Venice
  2. Pierre de Gondi (aged 72), Cardinal Priest of San Silvestro in Capite (died 1616) ex-Archbishop of Paris. Doctor in utroque iure, Paris
  3. Charles III de Lorraine-Vaudemont, Cardinal Priest of S. Agata dei Goti [1591-1607] Bishop of Metz,.
  4. Fernando Niño de Guevara (aged 64), Cardinal Priest of S. Martino ai Monti [1598-1609] (died 1609) Archbishop of Seville
  5. Bernardo de Rojas y Sandoval (aged 58), Cardinal Priest of S. Anastasia (died 1618) Archbishop of Toledo
  6. Bernard Maciejowski (57), Cardinal Priest of S. Giovanni a Porta Latina (died 1608) Archbishop of Krakow


The conclave began on May 8. The cardinals were those of the March conclave, with the exception of Cardinal Agucci (who died on April 27, since Leo XI had created no new cardinals. Of the sixty-seven cardinals, sixty-two participated in the final election. There were two principal parties, headed by Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini (nephew of Clement VIII) and Cardinal Andrea Peretti Montalto. At the beginning of the conclave, a number of electors were leaning towards Cardinal Domenico Toschi, the Bishop of Tivoli, an experienced soldier, lawyer and administrator, who had been governor of Rome from 1595 to 1599. He was, however, spoken against, more for his manners and his style of speaking than his competence (It may have been simple class prejudice), Cardinal Baronius remarked that this did not suit a Vicar of Christ, and most of Toschi's supporters transferred their votes to (of all people) Baronius himself (to a total of 32).

Cardinal Montalto had been showing a preference for Cardinal Camillo Borghese. The French cardinals had not yet chosen their own candidate, but, putting their trust in Montalto's judgment, turned their support to Borghese as well.


On the evening of May 16, Cardinal Camillo Borghese, Vicar General of Rome and head of the Holy Inquisition, was elected pope by acclamation. He was 53 years of age.

Paul V was crowned in the Vatican Basilica on May 29. He took possession of the Lateran Basilica on November 6.



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