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Parents and families frequently request a variety of information pertaining to local, state, and national resources. While we do not regularly monitor these sites, these are resources we believe may be valuable and informative.

Trilingual Resources (English, Spanish, ASL)

Got an iPhone?

Search your iphone apps for the following programs giving you instant ASL access

  • isign animated ASL dictionary
  • isign lite introduction to ASL
  • Signing Time lite (free)
  • Baby Sign ASL
  • ASL fingerspelling freeware
  • ASL video: numbers and letters
  • ASL alphabet trainer
  • Sign Smith ASL essential
  • iphone language software: Sign Smith ASL lite
  • ASL Tutor







If you know of a resource that might be helpful for families with Deaf or Hard of Hearing students that is not identified on this page, please let us know.

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