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Contact Us

To contact the Foundation office, please call 818-677-4657
fax us at 818-677-4823

Foundation Forms

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  • Account Application Form This form needs to be submitted when opening an account with the Foundation or a change in signature approval of an existing account. Please read guidelines on pages 3 and 4 carefully. These are policies that will govern your account.

  • Special Events Account Application Form - Prior to the official scheduling and sponsorship of any college or program-based fundraising project or advancement event, where revenue will be generated, college-based administrative and development staff are required to submit this form.
  • Gift Transmittal Form This form needs to accompany receipts/funds you are submitting to us for deposit. Attached to the form are the following for your guidance: Quid Pro Quo Contributions and Credit Card Form.
  • Foundation Hospitality Transfer Request Form
    This form is used to initiate the transfer of unrestricted Foundation funds into a Foundation Hospitality account to pay for a specific hospitality event. It cannot be used to transfer funds for anticipated future, but unspecified, events.
  • Gift in Kind Acceptance Form Please use this form when transmitting non-software gifts in kind. A Deed of Gift Form is attached to this form. Please feel free to call ext. 4657 if you have any deposit questions.
  • Sample Letter for Donor Transfer of Stock - This is the sample letter to be used by donors who wish to donate stocks or mutual funds. Delivery and registration instructions accompany this letter.
  • Sample Letter for Donor Transfer of Cash - This is the sample letter to be used by donors who wish to donate cash.
  • Check Request Form You can make your disbursement requests using this form.
    • All check requests should comply with the General Spending Guidelines.
    • All check requests must be signed by an authorized account signer.
    • A signed Independent Contractor / Employee Status Determination Statement should accompany all payments for services. See management memo outlining guidelines for determining independent contractor or employee status issued July 31, 2000.
    • All check requests for a first time vendor (individual or corporate) should be accompanied by a completed and signed IRS Form W9 or Vendor Data Record (State Form 204).
    • All international travel (i.e. outside the 50 states) needs to be approved by the Provost Office. See memo sent to Deans and Department Chairs dated July 14, 1999 from Provost Office.
    • Please see guidelines for the substantiation of food and beverage expenses as well as other employee expenses. Also please refer to the Hospitality Expense Policies and Procedures regarding the manner and extent to which the University may extend hospitality for business purposes and specifies the University funds that may be used for such purposes.
    • Purchase Order This form is required for all purchases.
    • General Spending Guidelines
    • Petty Cash Policies and Procedures; Petty Cash Disbursement Form
      If you have any other questions, please call ext. 4657.
  • Payroll Deduction Form