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We invite you to CSUN on May 5 for a unique educational opportunity.

The CSUN Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter and the Bookstein Institute for Higher Education in Taxation have partnered for the 2017 Bookstein Tax Development Conference.

CSUN accounting alumni, tax professionals and academicians are encouraged to come out for this first-of-its-kind forum where tax professors from various West Coast universities will exchange ideas, present their research and hold a discussion with attendees.

CPE credit is available for attending the conference.


Friday, May 5
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Orange Grove Bistro
Cost: $30


For more information:
Monica Gianni at monica.gianni@csun.edu

Speakers and topics:

Monica Gianni (CSUN)
Taxation of the Value of Data as a Solution to Taxation of the Digital Economy
Rob Johnson (CSUN)
Trend in State Taxation — Market Based Sourcing
Rob Razani (CSUN)
To “Net Value” or “Not Net Value” — That is the Question
Hyun Hong (UC Riverside)
Organizational Structure and Tax Avoidance: Multinational Evidence from Business Group Affiliation
Annette Nellen (San Jose State)
A Consumption Tax for California
Fabio Ambrosio (Pacific Lutheran University)
The Jones-Shafroth Act, The McCarran-Walter Act, Section 2209, and Discriminatory Consequences Against Puerto Ricans
Mark Hoose (UCLA Extension)
Impacts on Corporate Tax Practice and Education
Elizabeth Lyon (Cal State Sacramento)
PEOs, Certified PEOs and Federal Employment Taxes — Why the IRS Certification Program is Not Enough
Jeffrey Gramlich (Washington State)
The Value of International Income-Shifting Operations to U.S. Multinational Firms