Student Affairs

CQF/IRA/ARRA Comparison

Comparison FactorARRAIRACQF
Applicant Individual students or small groups with faculty sponsor required. Academic course projects – faculty request with department chair and dean approval required. Individual faculty, staff, students on behalf of programs, services, activities, or instructional/operational units.
Purpose Costs related to the creation and/or presentation of original academic research or other scholarly / creative activity. Funding for course-required projects or activities that extend beyond those funded through the State University Fee and involves significant out-of-class activity which results in a planned product. Funding to ensure the quality of students’ experience through the elimination of most course fees, advancements in technology, instructionally related activities, access to student support services, and campus spirit/athletics
Faculty Involvement Sponsored and guided by a faculty member Sponsored by an instructional department Not required
Relationship to a specific course Not necessarily Required No
Independent Study Eligibility Yes No No
Conference Travel Only if presenting Rarely No
Competition Travel Yes Yes No
Judgment of Quality Presumed by faculty sponsorship and, in the case of conference/competition acceptance, by the academic or professional association. Yes Yes
Scope of Impact Individual/small group Course enrollees Students at-large or large sub-grouping

Funding may be sought from more than one source providing the requirements of the source are met.