Science Teaching Series

Internet Resources

I. Developing Scientific Literacy

II. Developing Scientific Reasoning

III. Developing Scientific Understanding

IV. Developing Scientific Problem Solving

V. Developing Scientific Research Skills

VI. Resources for Teaching Science

Video Resources for Math & Science Educators

Read 16.4, 16.5 on images and videos

(1) Review library Science & Math Video Resources: Obtain an educational science or mathematics video from a library and provide a link to the accompanying teacher or student study guide. Bring the video to class.

(2) Develop an electronic playlist: Develop an electronic playlist for a lesson using Planet Earth, Blue Planet, or a DVD of your choice. Briefly describe the nature of the lesson and include a screen capture of the elecronic playlist. Include the .plist file on your website so others can access your playlist.

(3) Develop a study guide for an online video: Select a relevant show from Nova or other online video resource, and develop a 3-question study guide. Each question should address a different level of reasoning.

(4) Review an online educational video: Watch an online video such as ESPN Sportsfigures and review the corresponding study guide. Link to the resource and decribe how it could be best used in the classroom.