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How to Manage Your Online Reputation

August 8, 2014

A photo showing a female CSUN student using her laptop outdoors.

With the increasing competitiveness within the job market, employers are looking up a candidate's profile online to aid them in their hiring decisions. It is important to maintain a good online reputation which may open doors to career opportunities. Read more

The Best Way to Take Digital Notes

August 1, 2014

A CSUN student is shown browsing and taking notes on a tablet device during a class lecture.

Aside from taking handwritten notes, and more commonly using laptops, there are other ways where students can take more effective and organized notes during class lectures with the use of various technology tools. Read more

Delete It: How to Free Up Space on Your Phone

July 18, 2014

A photo showing brand new iPhones in their original packaging with pre-installed apps.

With millions of apps available for download, your smartphone's space can make room for more memory with various techniques such as taking advantage of the back up feature as well as updating your apps when an upgrade is available. Read more


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