Jewish Studies Interdisciplinary Program

  • Tziporri mosaic - Holy of Holies
  • synagogue covered in grass
  • Klimt painting in Tel Aviv apartment window
  • CSUN Jewish Studies Program and History Department trip group photo in Warsaw, Poland
  • Biet El Street, Jerusalem
  • Hevra Kadisha
  • Herb Market

Jewish Studies Interdisciplinary Program

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About Jewish Studies

The field of Jewish Studies explores the rich heritage of the Jewish people. Using the methodology of different academic disciplines, it examines the experience of Jews in the many lands in which they have lived over the past four thousand years, as well as contemporary Jewish life in Israel, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Read more

Mission Statement

The Jewish Studies Interdisciplinary Program teaches academic perspectives on Jewish history and on the diversity of Jewish experience.  Though CSUN students are our primary responsibility, we also seek to provide knowledge and resources to others on campus and to the public at large.   The goal of the Jewish Studies Interdisciplinary Program is to help people understand the past and respond to important contemporary issues that affect their daily lives, contributing to a more thoughtful and compassionate society for all. Read more