Jewish Studies Interdisciplinary Program


Eight $1000 Jewish Studies Scholarships

The Jewish Studies Interdisciplinary Program is sponsoring eight need-based scholarships of $1000 for the 2015-2016 academic year. All CSUN students are eligible who have taken or are currently enrolled in a Jewish Studies course - you do not need to be a JS Major or Minor. Applicants must agree to enroll in an additional Jewish Studies course in the year they receive the scholarship (fall or spring).  Jewish Studies courses are offered through a number of departments, and Fall 2015 courses are already posted.  Applications will be available on STARS Online and the application deadline will be Tuesday, December 14, 2015.  In advance of filling out the application, ask two faculty members if they would agree to write and send you a short letter of recommendation.  You can upload it in the STARS Online system.  

The application asks you to write about yourself.  Make sure you include why you are interested in enrolling in an additional Jewish Studies course.    


Scholarship for Jewish students from the Jewish Vocational Service

Jewish Studies Achievement Awards

The Jewish Studies Minor Award ($350) and the Modern Jewish Studies Major Award ($500) are given yearly  to the senior Jewish Studies Minor/Major with the highest academic achievement overall and in the Program. The winner should either have completed the degree or be making good progress towards completion. An award committee consisting of the JS instructors will be asked to judge between eligible students.

Jewish Studies Scholarship Recipients
Kaitlin LawsonLovia Ofori-AmpofoJessica Bandarizadeh
Avital MarzinoLilliana ShvartzmannAvital Elkayam
Carmen CorobianGrigor TorosyanCarine Havtan
 Alexis Jasmin Chacon-RiosRachel Katz
 Davina CohanghadoshEsther Neissany
 Agata Kryst 
 Eric Freiwirth 
 Aleisha Burton 
Jewish Studies Achievement Award Recipients
YearModern Jewish Studies MajorJewish Studies Minor
2014-2015 Anthony Cardenas
2013-2014 Shoshanna Pro
2012-2013Luis CarrilloBrittney Rodriguez
2011-2012Rachel SilvermanKayla Wizenfeld
2010-2011Shahnee Chen-ZionSarah Fernandez
2009-2010Orly BaradAndrew Belinfante
2008-2009Matthew SternAlexandra Oved
2007-2008Corin BelsherUri-Guy Lande
2006-2007Dov IsaacLaFrance Daniels
2005-2006 Heather McClellen
2004-2005 Heather Warren
2003-2004 Hana Sastiel
2002-2003Naomi Ashley 
2001-2002Cheryl Gillies