Jewish Studies Interdisciplinary Program

Job Openings

Job Openings through the Jewish Studies Interdisciplinary Program

Please see the Faculty Position document (PDF) for opportunities to join the part-time lecturer pool for the following Jewish Studies courses:

  • JS 100 and JS 100HON: Jewish Religion and Culture
  • JS 151: Natural Environment and Judaism
  • JS 210: History of the Jewish People (cross-listed with the History Department)
  • JS 220: Critical Thinking about Jews on Film
  • JS 306: Sociology of Jewish Families & Communities (cross-listed with the Sociology Department)
  • JS 318: Applied Jewish Ethics
  • JS 330: Women in the Jewish Experience
  • JS 335: Jewish Identity in the U.S. (cross-listed with the Sociology Department)
  • JS 495: Selected Topics in Jewish Studies: Queering Jews and Judaism