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Publications & Presentations by Doctorate Faculty

Core Faculty

Auerbach, SusanProfessorEducational Leadership and Policy Studies
Buenavista, TracyAssistant ProfessorAsian American Studies
Burstein, JoyceProfessorElementary Education
Castallo, RichardProfessorEducational Leadership and Policy Studies
Ceja, MiguelDirector & ProfessorDoctoral Program in Educational Leadership
Chong, SandraProfessorElementary Education
Collier, ShartiryaAssociate ProfessorElementary Education
Cota, IreneProfessorElementary Education
De La Torre, WilliamProfessorEducational Leadership and Policy Studies
Dunlap, JodyAssociate ProfessorEducational Leadership and Policy Studies
Durdella, NathanAssociate ProfessorEducational Leadership and Policy Studies
Foley, BrianProfessorSecondary Education
Gainsburg, JulieProfessorSecondary Education
Goldschmidt, PeteProfessorEducational Psychology and Counseling
Grant, SheilaProfessorPsychology
Herr, NormanProfessorSecondary Education
Jain, DimpalAssistant ProfessorEducational leadership and Policy Studies
Jeffries, CarolynProfessorEducational Psychology and Counseling
Kennedy, VirginiaAssociate ProfessorSpecial Education
Knotts, GregoryProfessorElementary Education
Kretschmer, DavidProfessorElementary Education
Lasky, BethProfessorSpecial Education
Moore, RichardProfessorManagement
Murawski, WendyProfessorSpecial Education
Pak, MiraAssociate ProfessorSecondary Education
Park, ClaraProfessorSecondary Education
Reveles, JohnAssociate ProfessorElementary Education
Rivas, MikeProfessorSecondary Education
Rowlands, KathleenProfessorSecondary Education
Sears, SueProfessorSpecial Education
White, ConnieAssociate ProfessorElementary Education
Ziolkowska, ReneeProfessorElementary Education

Affiliated Faculty

Adams, JeannePart-time FacultyEducational Leadership & Policy Studies
Alpaslan, C. MuratAssistant ProfessorManagement
Arriaga, TrudySuperintendent/Part-time FacultyVentura USD/ELPS
Badrkhan, KamiranSr. Program Director, Int'l Pgms/PartnershipsTseng College of Extended Learning
Conrad, EvaPresidentMoorpark College
Cordoza, RaulDean of StudentsLA Community College - LA TRADE TECH
Hayashi, ChrisAssistant ProfessorEducational Leadership and Policy Studies
Huber, BettinaDirectorInstitutional Research
Jakubowski, TerrancePart-time FacultyEducational Leadership and Policy Studies
Kozeracki, CarolAssociate DeanResearch Planning and Assessment, Pierce College
Li, Jason (Jinyi)EdD Program Research AssociateOffice of Doctoral Programs
Lombardi, JudyProfessorSecondary Education
Oliver, JacquelinePart-time FacultyEducational Leadership and Policy Studies
Price, MerlePart-time FacultyEducational Leadership and Policy Studies
Raby, RosalindPart-time FacultyEducational Leadership and Policy Studies
Simpson, LupePart-tine FacultyEducational Leadership & Policy Studies
Sheldon, CarolineAssistant DeanSantiago Canyon College
Sullivan, ElysePart-time FacultyEducational Leadership and Policy Studies
Vallone, GregoryPrincipalHale Middle School