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PreK-12 Leadership Cohort

The program is unique in offering two cohort strands: PreK-12 and Community College. There are different versions of each course for each cohort, with a small number of specialized courses taken only by PreK-12 or Community College Cohort students. This two-strand approach allows for courses that can specifically address the issues, needs and interests distinctive to each level of educational leadership, such as promoting instructional leadership for the elimination of achievement gaps and managing accountability pressures in public schools.

Students in the PreK-12 Leadership Cohort will generally be experienced school administrators. However, those who need to complete their Tier II Professional Administrative Credential may do so through an induction plan within the program. In addition to taking classes in school reform, leadership, and research methods, students engage in field-based inquiry and dissertation research to address school/district problems.

Program of Study for PreK-12 Leadership Cohort

* Choose only one, either ELPS 775 or ELPS 785
ELPS 700The Art of Collaborative Leadership (3)
ELPS 705Organizational Complexity and Change (3)
ELPS 710Curricular and Instructional Leadership for Systemic Reform (6)
ELPS 715Leading Change through Cultural Competence (3)
ELPS 725Instructional Assessment and Program Evaluation (3)
ELPS 730Public Policy in Education (3)
ELPS 740Entrepreneurship in Education (3)
ELPS 745The Science of Administration (3)
ELPS 750The Ethical Dimensions of Leadership (3)
ELPS 755Human Relations in Educational Organizations (3)
ELPS 760Field-based Inquiry I (3)
ELPS 765Field-based Inquiry II (3)
ELPS 770Applied Quantitative Inquiry I (3)
ELPS 775Applied Quantitative Inquiry II* (3)
ELPS 780Applied Qualitative Inquiry I (3)
ELPS 785Applied Qualitative Inquiry II* (3)
ELPS 789Dissertation Seminar (12)