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CSUN Climate Science Program

The study of global climate change has emerged as one of the most pressing and important scientific disciplines of the present era. It is vitally important to provide new generations of scientists and mathematicians the necessary tools for studying climate change in the 21st Century. The CSUN Climate Science Program will help meet this challenge.

The CSUN Climate Science Program was created with funding from NASA, and with support from CSUN's Interdisciplinary Research Institute for the Sciences (IRIS) and the Institute for Sustainability. Qualified students, with appropriate prerequisites, from all disciplines are encouraged to enroll in climate science courses offered through this program, housed within the Departments of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, and Geography.

Summer internships for qualified students to work with JPL climate scientists are available through this program. Students majoring in mathematics who wish to pursue an academic program at CSUN resulting in a B.S. degree in Mathematics and leading to careers or graduate work at other universities in climate science may do so through the Pathway for studying the Mathematics of Climate Change.

For more information about these opportunities and studying climate science at CSUN, please use the links on this page, or contact:

David Klein, Department of Mathematics & IRIS:

Cristina Cadavid, Department of Physics and Astronomy & IRIS:

Helen Cox, Department of Geography & Institute for Sustainability:

Brian Foley, Department of Secondary Education:

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