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Pathway for Studying the Mathematics of Climate Change (PMCC)

Applied Mathematical Sciences B.S. Degree

Mathematics is a fundamental prerequisite for understanding the physical laws that govern climate change, and using them to build models. Climate models are in fact particular mathematical models. A natural framework for an undergraduate program in climate science is CSUN's applied mathematics option within the Department of Mathematics.

CSUN's Department of Mathematics offers several options within its baccalaureate degree programs. The lower division course requirements are the same for all of these options, but they differ in their upper division course requirements. One of these options is the Applied Mathematical Sciences option for the Bachelor of Science degree. This degree program offers students, in consultation with their faculty advisors, the opportunity to choose 12 units of upper division elective courses outside of the Mathematics Department from a range of disciplines. Students are also encouraged to include a coherent package of courses.

Students who choose to follow this Pathway for studying the Mathematics of Climate Change will be encouraged to enroll in the following sequence of courses for their 12 units of upper division electives: Math 396 CL, Math 483, Phys 595 CL, and a choice of one of Geog 407 and Geog 416. The specific course selections will made by PMCC students in consultation with Professor David Klein or with students' other undergraduate program advisors within the Department of Mathematics. For more information, please contact Professor David Klein.

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