• Testimonials

What People are Saying


"I think we should put away 
our books, and paper, and just
learn this way.” 

Counseling Student

"Faculty reported
that this was likely
going to revolutionize how
psychotherapists are
trained in the next decade.” 

Professor, Marriage and
Family Therapy program



 "This experience was amazing
due to the fact that we got real responses to questions we asked…
We are able to see facial expression, body language, and feel the tension,
which really helped guide the conversation.”

Credential Student, College of Education 


"The realness of the
avatar allows the clinician
to empathize and experience
true emotions in the
process, while providing the
opportunity to test skills out…
It is a safe space for mistakes to be made and feedback to be given.” 

Student, Masters in Social Work




"The simulator presents us
with situations outside of
the clinical setting where
we can practice our
therapeutic communication
skills and breach uncomfortable topics before we have to have
the conversations in real life.”

Student, Nursing Program




"I really just appreciate the 
space that we have here. 
That we 
get to give each other 
feedback, give each other 
on how we’re doing, 
so I really 
enjoyed coming to the simulator. Thank you.” 

Credential Student, Department of Special Education