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What is A Simulation?

SIMPACT Immersive Learning is a mixed reality simulation system that provides a highly realistic virtual platform for practice in social work, counseling, teaching, conflict resolution, and many other interpersonal interactions. The SIMPACT system, which utilizes software by Mursion®, is used in university classes, K-12 schools, and professional trainings to provide rehearsal and feedback in the types of skills that were previously difficult for professionals to practice before they entered the workplace.

SIMPACT is the perfect bridge between the classroom and career. Students learn about skills such as counseling techniques or teaching strategies in their courses, then get a chance to practice those skills in the SIMPACT Immersive Learning system before trying them out with actual students or clients. Students report that the SIMPACT simulator is more effective, more realistic, and more useful than traditional classroom role-play: “Role-play can only be so realistic… This felt like I was in a session with a client.”

At SIMPACT we believe that, like any other technology, mixed-reality simulation can be a superior learning tool or just another gimmick. In order to create the best simulation experience, three elements are needed:


 SIMPACT Immersive Learning delivers specially trained simulation providers who create believable, impactful simulations to empower student growth. Our well-designed, easy to use simulation scenarios were created through collaboration between subject matter experts and simulation professionals, and we offer facilitation training to your faculty so that they are prepared to execute a simulation session that will be meaningful and effective right out of the gate. Below is a sampling of the scenarios available through SIMPACT.

Social Work and Counseling

  • Providing informed consent and confidentiality statements
  • Suicide Assessment
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Sexual assault counseling
  • Intake interviews focused on OCD, PTSD, depression, domestic violence
  • School Counseling scenarios
  • Parent conferences
  • Mandated counseling for DUI
  • Health counseling
  • Creating a safety plan


  • Direct instruction
  • Classroom management
  • Conducting discussions (variety of subjects)
  • Eliciting student thinking (variety of subjects)
  • Using specific praise
  • Parent conferences
  • IEP meetings
  • Collaborating with a resistant co-teacher
  • Job interviews


  • DNR disagreement
  • Health counseling

For an additional cost, you can work with simulation specialists to create customized scenarios that meet the specific objectives of your classes.