Dedicated to the enhancement of intercultural communication and appreciation of cultural diversity, Discover, Inquire, & Grow in Los Angeles (DIG LA) is an educational resource for the California State University, Northridge community.

Our Mission:

With the goal of building a culturally diverse community that is appreciative, sensitive and understanding, DIG LA emphasizes the artistic expressions, traditions and historical significance of various cultures. The group activities planned by DIG LA provide an opportunity for students and faculty to discuss cultural issues in a safe and open environment, encouraging a link between classroom learning and to our culturally diverse environment. Through various educational programs, students gain insightful knowledge of cultural groups, actively participate in thought provoking discussions, become aware of and sensitive to different communities and their traditions, and enjoy a new learning experience.


Student Learning Outcomes for DIG LA

Learning outcomes for DIG LA

The DIG LA program focuses strongly on five learning outcomes.

  • Students will be more informed about the specific program emphasis and how each program relates to their curriculum and purpose.
  • Students will understand their class's specific program emphasis in accordance to the DIG LA mission.
  • Students will be able to explain the connection that links their out-of-classroom experience to their class's curriculum.
  • Students will be able to respond to issues about the transpired events through their personal experience.
  • Students will be able to understand other opinions, thoughts and/or standpoints about similar issues in relation to the program emphasis.

More on using DIG LA for your class

DIG LA is brought to students and faculty at no cost. Depending on the program's magnitude, some programs may incur a nominal cost to participants; however, this is very rare. This program is supported by funds that are arranged through the Department of Child and Adolescent Development and the Division of Student Affairs. An emphasis with each program is formulated by interested faculty members who wish to bring their curriculum to a tangible reality. Ultimately, an interdisciplinary message can result through the collaboration and involvement of different classes, organizations, colleges, clubs and interested students, staff and faculty. Programs can become a doorway to furthering student understanding by utilizing theatres, museums, lectures, tours, galleries, concerts and speeches in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

DIG LA Interest

At this time DIG LA Programs have been suspended through the 2023-2024 Academic Year. Please check back with us at a later time for updates and announcements regarding our programing.

For any additional questions and concerns please contact our program coordinator Sabrina Gak at or via phone at 818-677-2393

Upcoming DIG LA Events

There are no upcoming DIG LA events at this time. 

2017-18 DIG LA Events

The Body Worlds Pulse Exhibit at the California Science Center, November 2017

Image result for Body Worlds Pulse Exhibit at the California Science Center

The Body Worlds Pulse Exhibit was an invaluable opportunity for students to gain an understanding of the human body in such a way that we cannot offer at CSUN. The exhibit, which displays plasticized cadavers of healthy and pathological individuals, is masterfully done and has received accolades for its ability to educate individuals of all levels. Their plasticized cadavers expertly preserve the bodies and organs of individuals of all walks of life. Different exhibits include those who have suffered from cancer, chronic smokers, liver disease, diabetes, and other chronic ailments in addition to other “healthy” cadavers.

Our Town at the Pasadena Playhouse, October 2017

Image result for Our Town Pasadena Playhouse

This performance experience provided students with a unique opportunity to see a renowned Los Angeles-based theatre company that is recognized as the premier sign language theater in the U.S take on a play that is considered to be an essential part of the canon of American dramatic literature. 

The Broad Museum, October 2016

Image result for broad museum

Students researched and gathered as much information as possible about the design of the building and will analyzed the exhibitions areas, lecture halls, gift shop, café, and their function, characteristics, and requirements necessary to take in consideration, learn from, and apply the knowledge gained in the design of their own project. 

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime at the Ahmanson Theatre, September 2017

Image result for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime at the Ahmanson Theatre

Students experienced first hand the impact of an autistic boy's story told through live theatre.  All of the elements of performance, they will be studying all semester, will be demonstrated through the highest level of professional acting, as well as stage, lighting, costume, and sound design.  Many of these students are future teachers, and all will be members of our society where inclusion and understanding of human challenges is essential.  Their focus in this courses is how to  achieve these goals through live theatre and this play is an excelllent example. 

2016-17 DIG LA Events

An Evening with George Takei at the Valley Performing Arts Center November 2016

 Image result for george takei csun

CSUN students faculty and staff were invited to "An Evening with George Takei" and watched him deliver a compelling must-see presentation on his powerful life story and ongoing career from "Star Trek" to Broadway, and as a social media icon and author of "Oh Myyyl 'l'hcrc Goes the Internet".

Ragamala Dance Company at the Valley Performing Arts Center October 2016

Image result for ragamala dance company valley performing arts center

The Ragamala Dance Company's work explores the dynamic tension between the ancestral and the contemporary Indian-American culture. The students in attendance were EOP students and have very little exposure to cultures other than their own.

 Aida Cuevas at the Valley performing Arts Center October 2016

Image result for aida cuevas valley performing arts center

Students from a university 100 course viewed a cultural performance and discussed the culture and diversity.

 PacMutual Building visit in Los Angeles September 2016

Image result for pacmutual building

Students from  a Family and Consumer Science course explored the impact of the building environment  and develop solutions of the design problem. Students will design a homeless shelter, a hostel, apartments, and condominiums based on the building they tour.   

The Art Classic: Oasis at the Los Angeles County Fair at the Pomona Fairplex September 2016

Image result for The Art Classic: Oasis

The Millard Sheets Art Center had its second annual exhibition The Art Classic: Oasis at the Los Angeles County Fair in partnership with the Los Angeles Art Association. Oasis will address water as seen through the eyes of Los Angeles artists. This outing will served as the required cultural event for the entire class. Students are asked to reflect. Additionally, the outing met the following course goals: Establish positive relationships with other students, with faculty, and with other members of the campus community and inspire students to think creatively when considering submissions for the class presentations for the Freshmen Celebration.

Oh, Yes She Did at the Performance Hall September 2016

 "Oh, Yes She Did!" Poster

Students in Africana Studies courses attended a theatrical performance where students focused on and studied the portrayal of a specific trailblazing African American woman in the show (i.e. Phillis Wheatley, Angela Davis, Josephine Baker, etc.) and evaluate the representation of each woman.   

Gensler Office building visit, Los Angeles September 2016

Image result for gensler building los angeles office

Gensler is the largest architectural firms in the world and have a office location in the heart of Los Angeles. Students from A Commercial Design Studio course will use this trip for their research, to see how a design office is designs their space, what type of furniture, lighting, equipment they are using to make the environment their own. 

Sonikete Blues at the El Portal Theater September 2016

El Portal Theatre Sonikete Blues

Flamenco music and dance constitute two of the most representative elements of the Spanish identity. For this reason, the course program devotes one entire week to study and develop the understanding of this important part of Spanish culture. Student will have the opportunity to contemplate this type of art live, in front of their eyes, and will be a direct way to go beyond a lecture and understand deeply the nature of the class material. 

D Deb Debbie Deborah at Theater of Note August 2016

Image result for D Deb Debbie Deborah at Theater of Note

D Deb Debbie Deborah  examines the increasing distance between us as people in the 21st century. As the world shrinks and people are closer than ever before, honestly, do we really know anyone at all? 

University Counseling Services Peer Educators work with all students and members of their community to influence positive attitudes around mental health to increase student retention and success. This theatrical performance  enhances their current knowledge of some identities prevalent at CSUN, and broaden their understanding of how identity impacts human nature and development in life.

 Fun Home at the Ahmanson Theater March 2016

 Related image

 Private Tour of Special Collections at The Getty Center February 2016

  Image result for getty center

 Students in a Chicano studies course have the opportunity to witness the exhibition process firsthand by listening to lectures from two principal curators Dr. Kim Richter and the Research Institute's Director Dr. Gaetchens. The students were exposed  to the value of Mesoamerican art and the ways in which scholarly investigation furthers our understanding of human developments across the globe.

2015-16 DIG LA Events

Real Women Have Curves at the Pasadena Playhouse September 2016

Image result for real women have curves pasadena playhouse

A Education, Psychology and Counseling course attended the play ‘Real Women Have Curves’. Following the play, they engaged in a post-show talk with a panel of community experts and esteemed guests to discuss and explore selected themes of the show with the audience. This discussion focused on Latina women in the workforce.

Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder at the Ahmanson Theatre April 2016

Two theater courses attended the Ahmanson to benefit students studying musical theater and exposes others to a genre they may have never experienced before.   

Madame Butterfly at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion March 2016

Students in a Modern and Classical Language and Literatures course attended 'Madame Butterfly'giving the students the opportunity of experiencing 'dal vivo' a musical form so critical to Italian Language and Culture. 

California Science Center, March 2016

Robert H. Lorsch Family Pavilion

A Child and Adolescent Development course, that includes learning about naturalistic observation, had students learn how researchers observe and collect data about children and families in natural settings.  Students were exposed to the scientific method at the California Science Center but also get to observe families as part of a class project.

Inter-generational Dialogue between CSUN QS students and GLBT Elders, Triangle Square February 2016

A Queer Studies course engaged in a panel discussion with residents who are also informants in a class text used in the course. A dialogue between CSUN QS students and GLBT Elders reinforces core concepts of learning about LGBTQ contributions to the history of Los Angles and GLBT activism and social change.

CURIOS-Cabinet of Curiosities, Cirque Du Soleil at Dodger Stadium January 2016

Image result for KURIOS-Cabinet of Curiosities

Theater students viewed the performance of KURIOS while watching through the eye of a stage manager. Students were given a backstage tour and attended a Q&A with a stage managers from the event. Students will be able to compare and contrast the style and workload of two different stage managers: a professional production like this to one and a collegiate environment done on a smaller scale.

Camille A. Brown & Dancers: BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play at the REDCAT December 2015

 A dance class explored the cultural, thematic and technical relevance to the course that Ms. Brown and Dancers unpack providing a broader and refreshing viewpoint for the students. They had the opportunity to see first hand how dance, movement, play of gestures, theater and music has the ability to respond and/or narrate one’s cultural and environmental content and surroundings. 

Sanctuary LAX Tour & The Danish Girl Movie Screening at the Landmark Theaters December 2015

Two human sexuality courses that discuss gender and sexual identity toured Sanctuary LAX with the purpose to define the BDSM culture and relationships.  It covered some of the myths and misconceptions about people that practice BDSM.  Students had the opportunity to see a dungeon and in addition, gave students the opportunity to ask questions and see what is involved in a safe and unbiased way. Together the watched 'The Danish Girl' based on a true story of the first gender reassignment surgery.  

Downtown Tour & LA Philharmonic Concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall October 2015

A Chicano and Chicana Studies course started their day in LA at the downtown Library and discussed several historical landmarks relevant to Chicano history in route to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Students attended the LA Philharmonic performance of ‘Immortal Beethoven: Symphonies 7 & 8’ conducted by Gustavo Dudamel, known for infusing Latin music styles into classical music.